Sunday, January 11, 2009

BETTER, The Second Time Around

The days were counted and the final examination was getting near. Aside from rushing the reports and other paper works at school, I had to complete my course works to comply all the requirements for my subject in Seminar on Key Issues in School Reform which were due for submission last 10th of January. I ignored all my household chores and other scheduled activities just to have them completed before the 9th of January. I burned midnight candle to make a Policy Paper that would somehow reflect the best of my efforts and abilities but everything turned into lemon when my flash drive was infected with an unknown virus which deleted all the files it contained and left me with a single choice which was to reformat my flash drive.

That Friday became a staggering day for me as I couldn’t stop myself from moving from one place to another to seek help so I could retrieve all my files. I ended up the exodus at the IT Department of our school wherein one staff asked me if I have the warranty card so I could change my flash drive at the store where I bought it. No, the flash drive was not the issue that time. I did not need a new flash drive – what I needed was the files which have been corrupted by unforgiving virus.

I almost ruined the rest of my day when I started to focus much of my attention on something which could never be retrieved. I didn’t know where my consoling thoughts have gone that day but, at least, I eventually decided to enjoy the remaining hours of that day as I joined a number of colleagues who were having pleasure over plenty of foods and stories at the staff room while waiting for the foreign teachers’ meeting to start. I really had to forget all the worries brought by that devastating virus for we were about to embark for a three-hour party at Bangkok’s biggest and most luxurious river cruise. The Brothers (the congregation who manages the school) through their representative just handed out their gifts and expressed their Christmas and New Year felicitations that afternoon during the meeting with all foreign teachers of the school.

Once again I realized that as we live, we will really face several perplexities in life caused by those uncertainties. There might be plenty of deterrence which would help us avoid those things from happening but this is life and we couldn’t twist the reality just to have our wants fulfilled. We have to face all those circumstances with positive outlook that all those things happen for a reason because, indeed, they hone our character and they make us even tougher to face all the challenges that might come along our way.  And now, I am here making all those projects again with great confidence that it would be absolutely better than what I made earlier.

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