Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Way I Look at Them

For the past few weeks, I have been writing blog entries which narrate my experiences and outlooks in life. To be different, I realized that I should explore writing short articles about few of my acquaintances. And the subjects that came so easily in my mind were none other than but my classmates in my masteral class. You may continue to visit my blog for you might be one of those individuals that I will feature here very soon.

Krishna the Chinita
"I never pretend to be something I'm not; I know exactly where I stand."

“Hahaha… Kung may video cam lang!” Who will forget that infamous line? Indeed, everybody in the class, except Nelson who did not know what it means, was shocked by this revealing and mocking assertion which was craftily uttered by Krishna to one of our Filipino professors. Krishna, as I have known her ever since, is a kind of person who defers nothing and no one when her ego is stirred.

Being the youngest among two siblings of a well-off clan and holding a bachelor’s degree in Education major in English, she usually comes with her well-enunciated spoken English and a gangster-of-New-York type of gesture. She is ‘fashionista’ in her own right and she enjoys rattling places more than hushing ones. I like her being herself whether she’s inside and outside the classroom.

As frustrated theater actress, her motto is, “If you have worn that certain attire in one place, never come back to that place with the same attire.” She has very deep motto in life, right? Well, her motto reflects her level of maturity and unique understanding of what really life is ─ it’s all about focusing on the present and enjoying life as it is.

Krishna is an English teacher at Darasamutr School in Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand.

Donna the Great
"Time to change course... This time I'm going to give my full attention and effort so that there's no more REMEDIAL in my life."

I don’t know if she’s named after the popular singing sensation Madonna but whatever the reason of her parents is in naming her Madonna, she has got powerful voice as you listen her intone her stunning rendition of the song ‘O Holy Night.’

Raised in the battlefield of Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippines, she’s so emotional on peace and human rights issues especially those that deprive the rights of the young generation. Because of her expressive and dramatic advocacy in promoting equal and quality education for those children in her area, who are affected by the current philosophical unrest, she won the highly marveled ‘Best Actress Award’ in the unperformed awarding ceremony of the second batch of M.Ed. class.

Madonna is very prudent at financial investment as she presently owns hectares of ‘Coconut Plantation’ and other small businesses in the Philippines. However, her astute easily fades away when it comes to love for she tends to give everything in the name of love. In a very profound statement, she said, “I tried to play your game but you don’t even know how to play your own game, and now I am here playing my game all by myself.”

To Madonna, all that I could say is, “You have to make the best out of your life and never let your troubles leave nothing but deep pain.” It’s never been a mistake to fall in love and give all what you have but genuine love itself learns to let go. As a saying goes, “Love and get hurt, get hurt and learn, then learn and love again.” You’re never away from the reality and I knew even before that the reality has taught you a lot.

Dona is an English teacher at Holy Family School in Nakorn Nayok, Thailand.
Diana the Unscented Rose

Diana is not just well-known in the class by her ‘-d-ending’ English phrases which has made her ‘unique-d’ among the people in the class. She also has some stunts especially in writing.

Silent as she is, she once told me that she’s caught in the middle that’s why she could hardly join all of the fun with the group. However, she’s maximizing her time whenever she’s in the classroom as she is always at the center of the discussion especially in the eyes of the unseen one. Diana is very patient and reserved woman. I bet she has gained this high level of maturity which is, in many ways, evident in her actions.

Among the women in the class, Diana is the one I seldom chat with that’s why I am pretty sure that there’s so much more to know about her aside from being hardworking and dedicated to her endeavors in life. The reason, maybe, is because she always comes late and busy with her ‘seminars.’

Diana is an English teacher at Holy Infant School in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand.
Gorgeous George
"God knows how to put a proper price upon each good."

Are you looking for the sexiest in the class? Do not mistakenly direct you gaze to one specific corner of the classroom because George is just hiding in a very palpable spot and waiting to be discovered. Doris, as Dr. Jessen has called him, has been badly missing home and still coping with homesickness. I find him happy most of the times but his emotional distress floats whenever he’s alone.

He came to Thailand not just as breadwinner but as a professional seeking development as well for he has dreamt of becoming a college professor someday which I believe not far from his reach. George becomes so sensitive when it comes to family-related discussion ─ it would really make his eyes gloomy exhibiting deep melancholy and concern for his siblings.

Not because he is sexy, George is an epitome of a typical Filipino descendant who, by all means, strives for the betterment of his family’s quality of life. Ever since, teaching has been a passion for him that it made him stand through for more than five years now. George I know that there will, still, be lots of struggles that might come along your way as you are miles away from your love ones but never forget that everything happens for a reason.

George is an English teacher at Darasamutr School in Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand.

Embryonic Christian
"Hanggang Ngayon!!!!!!!!"

“Hanggang ngayon…!!!” Listen to him as he scream with the highest pitch that he could no matter what noise it could bring in the classroom and what disaster it could make to his nerves just to reach his ultimate singing goal ─ to reach the highest tone of a line in the chorus of the song ‘Hanggang Ngayon.”

Aside from being an avid follower of Aiai delas Alas, as he tried throwing some of his things and wearing apple green recently, he has got some sensible ideas expressed in ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Christian is the youngest among the class although he doesn’t seem to be the one sometimes. He is very adept in technical aspects of the computer.
You have way to go Christian! You are young and, for sure, plenty of opportunities are still coming into your way.

Christian is a Mathematics teacher at Nawamintriamudomsuksatranchachunutit School in Samutprakan, Thailand.

"We are amazingly different from each other, yet we couldn't live apart. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects on those differences, we could focus on the lessons that we could learn from other individuals for God has exceptionally created each one of us not to become solitary individuals but to become appreciative of our individuality. We need other people in many other ways which we might not have realized."


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