Saturday, January 3, 2009


My love for arts has sparked ever since I am young. I appreciate simple to complex works of arts and I do aspire to have my own masterpieces in the near future. I tried using oil pastel and water color before but it soon faded away as I felt discouraged when I could hardly use them and I have learned no technique in using all those art materials.

I could have pursued my love for art if I really insisted on my passion but I failed to follow what other successful individuals in the field of art have went behind – passion is the secret of perfection. In spite of this, I have continued to show my passion for art by visiting museums and art exhibitions (in short by appreciating other people's works of art) but those were not enough because the people whom I usually meet are of different interests. I have diverted much of my time to something else which still never left any regret to me – I enjoyed all other activities I had recently.

It’s just this time that I tried to devote much of my effort this holiday into photography with my point and shoot camera. I started to appreciate the photographs I have taken and felt so good as I continued to enhance my pictures using photo editing software. It’s somewhat like I am having an adventure in a far away place because I could see how I have changed one simple picture to a magnificent one using those photo enhancing tools. I have discovered how sepia works, the RGB effect, turning photos into black and white so it would appear like a vintage one, and so on. Its fun and it’s really exciting. The experience became merrier when I met Donna who is also into photography and to tell you, she got something to share and I learned a lot from her. She also takes good candid shots or shots with candid effects.

Although exciting, I have learned that I have to be patient and I do have to expect the unexpected just for the sake of Art and the artist in me. Last few days, I spent my time early in the morning for a photo shoot at our school garden. I tried some macro shots and other techniques like focusing the curve and horizontal lines and it left me so excited to upload my pictures to the computer so I could enhance them but it turned to be a horrible one as the computer was infected with virus and I guess the pictures were infected too. It broke my heart but I could do nothing on it. I just have to accept the fact and hope that I could have those same kinds of pictures someday. I have to consider that there are things which are beyond my capability and no matter how I avoid them, they would really happen.

But I still hope that I could have a self-directed photo shoot with a model someday. I’ve got some concepts in my mind now and prospective places for the photo shoot. I hope I could materialize it someday but as of now, I have to “put first things first.”

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PHOTO 7(peeping technique)



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