Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Facing Philippine Politics

I thought that going to Thailand would keep me deserted by the dirtiest game in town – the Philippine politics. I don’t really want to talk about it because I have been doing my best to be at a distance from the reality which have been sucking me ever since. I don’t want to mean that politics in general is dirty or bad but the way it have been perceived by most of the Filipino politicians, I could say that politics led the Philippines to the downward spiral and even pressed the mass to voluntarily bury themselves in ground. Politics decelerates the pace of justice system, knocks down the quality of education, leaves huge eyesores in the community due to unfinished infrastructures, what else? Much as I want to focus on the positive things that have been happening in my country, I couldn’t help myself from mentioning all the downsides brought by those immature politicians who seem to have made the government offices their own playground. It’s so unthinkable to have leaders who are expected to lead people but then they seem to don’t understand their role as they have repeatedly shown their greatness in power and not in responsibility.

Recently, I have talked to a friend whose father has been politically maltreated by holding his monthly salary for a very obscure reason – a reason than can only be fathomed when the darker side of the Philippine politics will be viewed. I was not surprised when I heard my friend with a knotty voice because everyone who has experienced the hands of these inhuman people usually felt the same. These politicians who deliberately think that their position is more on power than responsibility are nothing but old figures in the Philippines and they do still exist until now.

I don’t want to associate these unruly behaviors to that of Filipinos because I do believe that these values are not genuine to Filipinos – they are undesirable habits started by few individuals and have been passed from generation to generation. Now, it’s very difficult to live away from the reality because these habits have permeated to almost every political icon. As of now, the Philippine government has been “personalized” that the “personalization” has even became a cliché in almost every corner of the country. Yes, personalized as in politicians are taking their positions personally and for their own personal benefits alone rather than considering the benefit of the majority as what a utilitarian leader should have done.

Up to now, I don’t where to run in times of need when the leader that I am expecting to help me would not lend a hand because of personal matters. I don’t know where to acquire genuine service when I have nothing left in my pocket. I don’t even know if the hospitals could still be trusted right now. I don’t even know if I could still expect quality education from schools when everything seems to have been influenced by this so-called dirty politics. I really don’t know! However, I could not just dwell in this stigma because life is still giving me reasons to live and I’d rather dwell on those reasons than focus on the negative issues which I don’t have any control at.


Anonymous said...

Well said I appreciate your comments and found them interesting. The political system in the Philippines is to say the least odd or should I say some of those in positions of power had made it so.

Phil said...

Thank you for your comment novice2expert!

The Philippines is planning to change the system of government in the country from presidential to parliamentary form. I don't believe shifting the system is the best answer to the problems that beset the country right now. THE PEOPLE BEHIND the government cause the problem so they should change themselves for the better first and not the government.

I am so frustrated... and I am just writing my frustration away... PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN SWORD!