Saturday, March 28, 2009


Nature Photography is more that just a personal hobby. Beyond the enjoyment that I get from photographing natural wonders and the artistic appreciation of the nature photos I took is a genuine realization of the human-like attributes of these living creatures caught by the flash of my point-and-shoot camera.

A glimpse at these often-neglected creatures give us great inspirations that would help us deal with life's abundant perplexities.

Look at this beautiful flower. It's so confident, so blissful, and so natural. It doesn't have anything adorned in her petals but its beauty still stands out.

Like flowers, people need to portray good and natural self-concept. Nobody could demand appreciation and respect from others without appreciating and respecting himself first. We could not expect others to look at us positively if we have negative self-image. Like flowers of different varieties, people only project their personal images.

Look at these bees. Do they worry much about tomorrow? They just enjoy hopping from one flower to another and rejoice over its nectar which nourish them as days go by. As long as they continue to fly in search of a nectar-rich flower, they would never run out of food.

Like bees, we don’t have to worry much about the things that would happen the following day because life has its own way of solving it. We only have to be expectant that beyond our wonderful toils is a rewarding moment of fulfillment. Just enjoy the present for it is a gift.

What a stunning tree! Strong and directed like it never struggled through nature's adversities. But, in reality, this tree has gone through all the humps in search of the sun yet it never gave up and did its best just to see the light.

Like trees, people face the unpredictable adversities of life. But, with a goal in mind, one will surely hurdle every impediment along the way. Everyone could unswervingly proceed into his own direction like a tree determined to follow its way to the sun.

Photos were taken at:
FLOWER---> Huahin, Thailand
BEES IN LOTUS---> Huahin, Thailand
TREE---> Rayong, Thailand



Anonymous said...

i won't worry my life away! -jasonMraz-

Phil said...

Is it in the song "Life is Wonderful" by Jason Mraz Don? Jason sings too fast and it's difficult for me to catch his

I have to search for the lyrics, anyway... Thnx for the comment PAL!