Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BRAND NEW: A Contemporary Arts Exhibition of Young Thai Artists

I was at Chulalongkorn University's Center for Academic Resources (CU-CAR) yesterday to do further research for my master's thesis when I came over a print ad (tarpauline) of an ongoing art exhibition. Luckily, I was brought by my feet in the event location (actually, the elevator does...hehehe) and witnessed the exhibition of promising young Thai artists who showcased their arts in three different medias.

Right at the entrance of the exhibition, Bussaraporn's work on her "weird" thoughts about sex were displayed. I bet this artist is so open and so abreast about these sex things as I have seen how she portrayed both timid and wild concepts on sex. I do appreciate her artistry. I am glad to have found a sample of her work from Artgazine's website, http://www.artgazine.com/.

Entering to the next section of the exhibition, I found Duangkamol's emotion-bounded photography titled Insecure Moments. Looking at her works, I felt a very dramatic feeling of pity to those insecure people. Insecurity, indeed, leads to downfall. We have to be thankful with life's simple gifts.

Duangkamol's artistry is so evident in her work. I guess she knows what she wanted and she was able to portray the concepts in her mind. Her work communicates her thoughts (that's if I am not wrong with what I am thinking). From Artgazine's website again, here's one of the photos I found at the exhibition.

The las artwork which was a videoart was something interesting and new to me but I did not stay too long for that video because I had some things to do. Spending about 2 minutes with those funny and reality-based videos were enough to understand arts in video. I do have to explore more about video arts -- it is interesting.

For those interested, the exhibition is still going on at the 6th floor of CU-CAR in Pyathai Road. I have learned also that Bangkok Art Map (BAM!) is organizing another art exhibition around Bangkok. So artists and arts enthusiasts out there, let's invade Bangkok. Me, I am planning to explore the richness of Bangkok Arts after I finish my thesis and I will do that be hopping from one museum to another. Wanna explore Thai arts with me? :D

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