Monday, April 27, 2009

Cesar Montano: Future Governor of Bohol?

If there is one question that I could ask to the so-called Boholano actor and director, Cesar Montano, it could be: “Where have you been?”

Years ago, Bohol can be traced back as a very silent fourth class province in Central Philippines boosting its very own Alturas Supermarket and Bohol Quality Department Store which can only be compared to those big convenient stores in the capital back then. It’s not even recognized as one of the provinces of the Philippines before – far from its neighbor Cebu. Back then, Cesar Montano could never be heard in television as son of Bohol.

Years have passed and Bohol became a well-known tourist destination in the Philippines bagging the title “No. 1 Tourist Destination in the Philippines.” The name Bohol started to resound in the air waves and development started to visit the province. Bohol has tremendously marched from being a fourth class province to a first class island-province boosting its magnificent tourist attractions which have been developed. Bohol Quality Department Store became BQ Mall and Alturas Supermarket branched out which eventually led to the establishment of Island City Mall and brought the national consumer icons like Jollibee, KFC, Chowking, National Bookstore, Bench, Kamiseta, Ideal Vision and many others. And together with Jollibee and others, there came Cesar Montano who conceitedly introduced himself as SON OF BOHOL.

And now, rumors have it all that after failing in the senatorial race, Cesar Montano would be trying his luck in the gubernatorial battle in Bohol. As what any trapo politician would do just to win the hearts of the voters, Montano has repeatedly pronounced his love for Bohol and his desire to serve the Boholanos. But my ultimate question is: “Where has he been?” Where was he in those times when he was shining in the showbiz industry and Bohol was only a piece of raisin stuffed in a huge bread? Cesar could be one of those resurrected Boholanos – those who hopelessly left Bohol before and came back when they learned that Bohol is now spotted in the Philippine map.

Boholanos, it’s all up to us!


Anonymous said...

i am from baclayon, bohol and eversince my younger years, cesar montano a.k.a cesar manhilot has been claiming to be a boholano, much more as a baclayanon and he is beaming with pride with that. he has been coming here if ever time permits. he even proposed marriage to his wife sunshine here in our baluarte. cesar montano is a true boholano!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cesar proposed wedding to Sunshine in Baclayon but that time, Bohol was already in the limelight.

Anyway, I am not really against to Cesar running for the gubernatorial position but what I only wish is we will be able to have a governor who could bring more development to Bohol and not the one who's just taking advantage of what Bohol already has. WE HAVE TO PRESERVE BOHOL as there's only one Bohol in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

How sure are we those old existing politicians are not short-changing the Boholanos? Are they really corrupt-free minded politicians. Bottom line: Bohol is a province of
democratic Philippines. Anyone with good vision and fresh ideas to bring
more progress is not such a bad idea.
Kini man gud mga politician magkadugay sa ilang lingkuranan, maorag abusado na nga moresulta og corruption. Take the case in Clarin, in Bonbon to be specific. Ang municipal government has 1 mil+ pesos
calamity fund pero sa baha sa 2008, unsa lang gihatag? Valor lang less than 100k....fair na? And who are these politicians? Same old timers!
So time for new blood, new faces, new ideas so that we can let these old
politicians realize nothing is permanent in life!

Mustard Productions said...

People may not have been able to witness his every little move that buboy made to boost his being a boholano... or you guys may not have been able to see his love for his homeland... Well, it doesn't matter anyway. It is already a given fact. Not everything is seen and witness in this very wide panorama of possibilities. What is important is that He(Cesar) has always the heart and the love of a boholano. He has inspired a lot of people already of different races, thus it is not hard to inspire a heart that is the same like his. Go Cesar! Many believe "not of what YOU CAN do, but of what YOU WILL do!" Prove that WILL... raymund s.