Thursday, April 2, 2009

FaciNG THE FiGhT in s0LiTuDe

Now I am here... all alone... negative emotions are starting to eat the innermost of my soul. I want to fight back and tell him how strong I am because I have somebody to lean on. But then I soon realized that I have nobody but myself. I AM ALL ALONE!

Can I have a good fight even if I know that I'll be a solitary soldier? I have to be confident and do a good fight all by myself. I am STRONG! I will never let this negative emotion kill the best of myself for I know that I could not bring back this very moment where I could have a chance of winning a victorious prize with my infamous wits and spirits.

Yes, everything is starting to give up. I could see the leaves starting to fall, I could see the sun starting to set, I could see the clouds starting to rain, I could see them... not far from where I am standing. I could not hold them back, I could not tell them to stop. THEY WILL DO AS THEY ARE OUGHT TO DO THOSE THINGS! They are unstoppable that's why I don't want to stop them!

Pondering on, I know that everything that I could do is to draw the positive spirit within me and expect that after those leaves fall, new leaves full of enthusiasm would sprout. Likewise, I have to face the sunset for I could never enjoy the sunrise without it. I have to allow the rain to satisfy my thirst and be ready for a brighter day and a bluer sky. I will never face greatness without facing my weaknesses. I have to fight! I should not let this emotion steal the very essence of existence. After all, GOD will never leave me in times that I feel so alone and helpless. HE is my strength and my REFUGE -- more than my friends, more than my family, more than anyone else. Although I haven't seen HIM, I know he's just around watching every move that I make. I KNOW THAT THE WEEK WILL NOT END WITHOUT SEEING ME AND ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND ME HAPPY.

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