Friday, April 3, 2009

If I could only speak...

If I could only speak…
I would exchange a few words with you,
I would let you know how I was to you and you are to me;
But I couldn’t open my mouth
Because I know that my words would only hurt both of us.

If I could only speak…
I would request you to stay
But I am so dumb and helpless
Like a rug right on your door
I couldn’t say that I am hurt because I am happy that you’re using me

If I could only speak…
I would ask you to come back
But I know that you will always need me
You will just realize how useful I am when you’re far from me
I know in my heart that you will be with me one day

You used me and now you’re leaving
You are leaving like I was nothing to you
You are leaving as if I have caused great pain in your heart
You are leaving now and you’re leaving me pain
But I want you to know that I am only here
Waiting for you… holding myself… because you will need me…

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