Friday, April 17, 2009

Making it through

My usual weekend journey from my pad to the college where I am having my masteral has finally called it a day as I finished all my subjects. Unknowingly, I have hurdled the six-hour class every Saturday and Sunday and even during holidays to complete nine modules with their corresponding courseworks.

I thought that I could schedule my sleeping hours back to the normal but I just noticed that I still have to face an even tougher requirement to finally complete my master's degree. After the approval of my thesis title, I had to rummage around for more studies and literatures that would support my study on "Total Quality Management (TQM) in English Program of Basic Education Institutions in Thailand." It has been causing me a lot of hardwork but I have been learning a lot from it. Honestly, my knowledge has been refreshed when I looked over the handouts of my previous courses in order to search for ideas that would help me in gaining better understanding of the concepts in my study.

Lately, I have been spending much of my free time at Assumption University Library and Chulalongkorn University Library hunting for those "rare" literatures supporting TQM in education and language education in Thailand. Sometimes, I have to pray that I could find free resources from the internet so I could go on with my research without spending much of my time going to those libraries in the traffic-jam-stricken areas of Bangkok. My graduate study has really caused me a lot of money, time and effort that sometimes I am tempted to ask myself, "Phil, why do you have to do all these things?" Yes, I have been receiving above-average compensation from my present job.

There are times when I think of giving up so I could use my own earnings in helping my family back in the Philippines and give myself a time for relaxation but I don't know why I just couldn't do them. Something motivates me deep inside that I want to finish this endeavor which has been a part of my dreams. Perhaps, it's the fact that I have been learning much from this and that one day, I could share what I have learned to others. Right now, I could not think of future gratifications but what I could surely think is that I am already gratified knowing that I have been starting to achieve a part of my dream. If I never enrolled for this program, I could have spent my salary in so many things that one day I would never know how it gone. At least, with this simple investment, I know that I made something worthwhile out of my toil.

My present challenge is that, "If I have made all nine modules in a while, there's no reason that I couldn't make my thesis." The encouragements and accolades of the panelists and my adviser on my study and my family's conviction of my ability are more than enough to fuel my enthusiasm and ignite my belief that I could make it until the end. I thank to those people who continuously believe in me and my ability like TQM's belief to continuous improvement. You have been my inspiration. For you and for those who would be benifited by my study, I would stand through with a good fight.

So I may be guided through my journey, I have to blog my MY TARGET DATES:
May 9, 2009 - proposal defense (schedule to be confirmed with the research committee)
May 17, 2009 to June 21, 2009 - conduct the study (according to the availability of expert panel members)
June 28, 2009 - finalization of findings
July 11, 2009 - internal defense (schedule to be confirmed with the research committee)
August 9, 2009 - external defense (schedule to be confirmed with the research committee)
September - submission of final manuscript to the college/journal publication/international conference presentation
September onwards - series of workshops and presentations related to the thesis (for personal mastery and knowledge dissemenation)

" I am the engine of my dreams. My dreams never give up on me and I never give up on them."
- Roy Davis

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