Thursday, April 16, 2009


The recent article by Chip Tsao has earned negative criticisms from Filipinos around the world. Tsao's "irresponsible journalism" is, accordingly, a blatant evidence of racial discrimination against the Filipinos.

Ever since, we all know that Filipinos are discriminated around the world but we should also know that not only Filipinos are suffering from such kind of maltreatment. There are other nationals who have experienced an even worse kind of discrimination than what the Filipinos have experienced. But why is it that most of the Filipinos tend to easily fight back those accusations? Honestly, I was late to read the article of Chip Tsao and when I read it, plenty of comments and criticisms against Chip Tsao and the Chinese community have been thrown by the Filipinos. Well, we could not blame the Filipinos because a snake once stepped would always bite.

Filipinos, as we felt bad about the negative commentaries brought by other nationals against us, haven't we realized how others felt when we subversively badmouthed and criticised others? Senator Gordon once commented that what happened in Thailand (the seizure of Suvarnabhumi Airport and the Parliament House) was due to the immaturity of Thai politics. If the senate and the house of representatives should have been criticised of being like little children in their playground fighting one another (which is very true), I am very sure that they would immediately demand for apology. That's it, we're good at pointing other people's mistakes but once our weakness is touched, we immediately demand for apology.

Many Filipinos would react when labeled as maids and country of servants but do we feel the same when we label other cultures with indecent words? We react when we hear other nationals say that the Filipino English is another variety of bad and unacceptable English but we do not even realize how we make fun of the Englishes in the world and even the local Englishes in the Philippines. It's not bad to make fun of something as long as we do not feel bad when somebody makes fun of us. Life is always give and take... and most of the times, we take what we have given. As the golden rule says, "Do unto others what you want others do unto you." so let's not feel bad if we all mean fun.

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