Friday, May 1, 2009


Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) at a young age, I have encountered plenty of first-times here in Thailand and one of them is becoming totally independent from my parents who truly pampered me since then. Ever since, I never imagined of living in a land miles away from my Mama and Papa. However, things have changed when I started to mold my own dreams, made my own stories of success and decided to take huge steps to fulfill them. I knew it was not easy but I had to take the risk or else my thoughts would remain as they were. As Mama and Papa have always told me, "Agwantaha ang tanan kay asa ra man na kung magmalampuson na ka pohon." (Just sacrifice in order to achieve your dreams.) I always believed that the pains that I had to go through were parts of the sacrifices that I had to endure in order to reach the top.

Undeniably, the things that we want do not just ordinarily come out of the blue. We need to sacrifice. In spite of that, the choice is still ours for we could turn sacrifices into pleasure that would always be a part of our growth as individuals. By looking back at those moments in my life wherein I tried to delight myself through the pains which I should have felt, a piece of thought runs over my mind that tells me the reason why I am still living and smiling freely.

I live because I believe. I believe that I have my parents who believe in me. I believe that I have an awesome God who perfectly puts everything according to His plan. Because of them and other people who love me, I live with a strong belief that I can and I can because of my FIERCE CONVICTIONS.

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