Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's been a year and four months since I last tasted the real "HOME FLAVOR". I have been absolutely missing home
especially my family. I could still clearly paint in my mind the picture of our place the last time I visited Philippines. It's very different from the life that I have in Bangkok right now. Here, I have to live with heavy traffic jam and have to spend more Baht for food and skytrain or subway if I don't want to be bothered in the vehicle-polluted streets in downtown. But anyway, life has still something to offer me here for I have been enjoying my work with my teenage students and I have been meeting people of different values and characters from time to time.

Aside from it, another nice thing that has been happening here is I have been so blessed to have worked in a spacious school in the outskirt area of Bangkok. Here, pollution is not the kind that would make me feel sick everyday or the one that would compel me to go back to my den. Huge trees can be seen around the school campus, a variety of wild and exotic animals are in the school zoo, squirrels are just hopping from one tree to another in the school's camping ground and behind the Teachers' Residence (my place) is a mini agricultural park for agricultural training center. The view is relaxing inside especially on weekends wherein the area is so silent. At least, I could just think that I am only contemplating in a very nice surrounding few meters away from home although it's obviously ironic.

And to make use of those indie moments in Bangkok, I let my creativity work especially when I am all alone. That's positive psychology -- taking every situation as an opportunity that must be treasured. Recently, I had my terrace lanscaped and my photo cravings framed. I gave a new look to my room. At least, I have diverted my negative feelings into something useful and worthwhile.

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