Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Educational Leadership: What Went Wrong?

Most of the times, the concept of Educational Leadership is confusing in different aspects and how it is being practiced. First of all, everyone seems to have vested interest in educational leadership. Like in the Philippines, village captains to town mayors to province governors to the congressmen, senators and the president decide and implement educational policies. This way, they consider themselves educational leaders if not change makers.

Another confusing concept of Educational Leadership is how it is being practiced in schools/colleges/universities. Some Educational Leaders tend to focus more on their political role while some greedily settle to their role as business administrator and consider schools as one hundred percent for-profit company.

The concept of Educational Leadership yields from the fact that schools are social institutions that play vital role in the development of the society especially in assuring healthy development among learners. Therefore educational leaders should have very deep understanding on the task that he is going to take. If we believe that effective schools are places where children have equal opportunities to learn, know who they are and understand the society where they are living I would say that educational leadership is the one who could make those things happen.

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