Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Classroom Technology: Interactive Board

"This is it class. This is what I have been telling. Technology would either help us in our lesson or would destroy our lesson. And right now, it's obviously destroying our lesson." This was my statement which stirred laughter in my Mathematics class last Monday.

This year, lots of teaching and learning facilities have been added in our school. One of them is the latest classroom technology called Interactive Board or IBoard. Through IBoard, a set of markers or a box of chalks are not needed anymore for anyone can write using one's fingers or the pens specially designed for it. Erasers are also not needed for one can easily erase a word, a sentence or anything written on it with just a single click. When using PowerPoint presentations,  slides can be easily projected on the board with additional features which enable the user to highlight, encircle or write on the slides to emphasize the concepts being taught.

In Mathematics, plotting points on the Cartesian Coordinate and graphing different kinds of functions is made easier through its geometry features. Additionally, drawing perfect circles and curves, straight lines and other geometric figures has never been that difficult by the help of the so-called smart pen which automatically transforms an imperfect shape drawn to a perfect one.

As a teacher, feeling worried for those students who were absent during the lesson has no place in this new technology. Everything you have done from writing something wrong to correcting them can be recorded and imported to a website or can be saved and converted to different file format according to the purpose. In short, the students who were not able to attend the class could access the lesson exactly as how it was taught by the teacher. This invention is truly amazing that it made me think how classrooms would look like few years from now. Maybe, Talking Board or TBoard would be introduced soon.

Interactive and interesting as it is, I still find it difficult to adjust with this latest technology for there are times wherein I don't know what to tap for a particular function. Attending a half-day training on using this latest technology wasn't enough to make myself abreast of its functions. I have been reading the manual but nothing could be compared to an actual practice wherein you become familiar of those different tools for specific tasks.

When I had my lesson last Monday, our supposed to be interactive learning experience with the new IBoard became a learning full of laughter and amusement as I and my students started to explore this hi-tech addition of teaching and learning facilities of our school. However, instead of focusing on my unfamiliarity of the gadget, I made the lesson more engaging by calling students to help me out in illustrating the difference of the graphs of exponential and logarithmic functions through the IBoard. The students were so enthusiastic. Thanks to this new technology. 


BlogusVox said...

In the future, we'll no longer have humans as instructors but e-teachers as guide. Our classroom will be a 25cm X 35 cm laptop. And schools will be a thing of the past. Everything is centralize where your e-grades and e-diploma maybe available with just a click of a mouse.

Phil said...

Hello BlogusVox! While I would like to buy your opinion, I would also like to express mine. hehehe...

Technology might be able to provide all these things in learning like ease, comfort, speed and so on but it's the HUMAN DIMENSION of a HUMANE TEACHER that cannot be replaced by any powerful technology.

As we march towards the technotronic era, our system of education is also marching towards social and emotional development among the learners.