Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happenings at the Bangkok International Film Festival

The Bangkok International Film Festival (BIFF) is one of the events that I never missed since I started working in Bangkok although I was not able to watch any of the screened movies last year. Aside from showing support to our very own Filipino independent films, this event is also a great chance to meet different Filipino personalities from bloggers to award-winning writers and ordinary people who just show passion in the world of films.

Due to an invitation of a colleague who happened to be a friend of the leading actress of this movie, I watched "Kinatay" of award-winning director Brillante Ma. Mendoza. Although the movie was horrible and destructing to every man's senses, I still appreciate the movie for the casts were able to justify their roles as they have brilliantly portrayed the character they were playing in the movie. No question, Mendoza is worthy of the award as Best Director in this year's Cannes International Film Festival.

After the screening of the movie, the audience was given the chance to ask questions to the director who answered every question in a way every artist should answer. Carried out by the ugly reality of the Philippine society which has been shown in the movie, I asked the director what message was he trying to convey to the international community when he screened such kind of movies in international film festivals. Brilliante Mendoza answered back as a talented and witty artist when he said that in making a film, he does not think of any audience, instead he only wants to tell the truth to everyone that the world is not as safe as we have thought. He further expressed that such reality is not only true in the Philippines but to every corner of the world and he was referring to the odd truths in our society wherein life has become so cheap. Killing human beings became as easy as slaughtering animals. Sad, indeed!


Before the screening of the movie started, I had a chance to meet a two-time Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature awardee Dominic D. Manriquee. He won third place in One-Act Play Script Writing for "Wanchaiyuki" in 1999 and third place in Full-Length Play Script Writing for "Me Esep o Wala, Sa Pera'y Lahat Namangha" in 2000 both of which fall under Filipino Category.

With international award-winning director Brilliante Mendoza after the screening of his movie Kinatay.

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reymos said...

I love film festivals. The Korean Film Fest was ongoing in Shangrila when I left Manila last weekend. I did not able to wat it but Im sure it will be a big hit event to PInoys. I have seen Kinatay as an indie film in Galleria cinema but I chose to watch Manghuhula as Eula Valdez is the main cast. I was disappointed of the story!