Friday, September 18, 2009


Reading my blog and citations I earned in other web pages, my sister has reprimanded me for the sensitive blog posts I have posted over time. She specifically meant my commentaries on the Philippine government and politics and the corruption cases back in my own country. I understand her... She's only worried about the consequences that I might face because of my blog posts.

I just want to remind everyone that Wits and Spirits is a personal blog and so everything posted here are my personal thoughts. I never meant to stir somebody's ego, lest I was only expressing my thoughts as a result of different articles I have read and situations I have witnessed. Anyway, I really could not help those people who believe that I am being subjective in my blog posts or I am abusing my freedom for expression.

The people, especially political icons, mentioned here know who they really are so they don't need to be very reactive and act like little kids bullied by their playmates. I am not a heckler as I am not good at it. I am just opinionated and again my opinions never meant to hurt you and if your were hurt, help yourself. It's difficult to accept but "reality really hurts."

I just hope that the 'famous' political icons in the Philippines will become more mature this time. You know, it's so awkward to see leaders acting like a sensitive child. Wake up for you might not have realized that you are public icons and everybody's watching every action that you do. If you could not grow, step down and give way to those people who could maturely lead our impoverished nation.

And now... ELECTION is coming! My piece of thought for those who have always wanted to run for a post in the government is so simple. I will just put it this way: "You are old enough to discern whether you are useful or not. If you could do nothing but brag your achievements and talk against your rivals, better rest. Our country's badly in need of a leader who could put words into action. And again, you should be mature enough. I believe that our constitution has stipulated age qualification for those who would be running for a post in the government because the Filipino people would like to make sure that they will be led by mature individuals. If you are 30 or something but think and act like 10 or 15, better play with Jollibee and enjoy the moments for that would just pass by.


Anonymous said...

Our politicians are sooo immature and sooo traditional that all they do is criticize one another.

I agree with you. Our politicians need to grow up. We, too, as electorates, should grow up.

Kaya this coming elections, we should not elect people who will just spend their term cleaning up their own mess.

It's time we all move on and elect a new breed of politicians: those who are willing to be servants of the people; not those waiting to be served!

reymos said...

Nice to read your personal thoughts about the Phil politics. Unfortunately, I dont dwell on these things which somehow my weakness not to be vocal of my criticisms against politics. Everyone has its own personal opinions and I dont want my opinions to be subjected to any comment especially if politics and religion are concern. On the other hand, I agree with the points you have mentioned.I just hope for the betterment of our country.