Sunday, September 6, 2009

Three Years in Thailand and Still Counting

I thought I would never be in this foreign land this long but unbelievably, I am already here in Thailand for exactly three years. On board the Philippine Airlines, I first arrived here September 6, 2006. The country was so strange to me then -- the food, the people, the place. But now, it seems like I am already well-adjusted in the Land of Smiles for I have been doing what Thai people usually do.

Being here for three years now, I already have a good grasp of the Thai language. Apparently, I won't hesitate anymore to answer back when somebody would greet me "Sawatdee Kha/Khrap!" I do eat the hot and spicy Thai food from time to time and have been used to eating raw vegetables together with the delicious somtam (papaya salad). I have ridden tuktuk (Thai vehicle with three wheels like the one in VISA Electron advertisement before). Yes, I have done so many things that the locals do and for that, I am happy that I was able to adopt my host country's culture and ways of living although I still have complaints sometimes.

Remembering, I had my first teaching job in a government school in the smallest province of Thailand. I first taught English as Foreign Language (EFL) to Grades 1, 2 and 3. That was really awesome! I am glad I did it. After working there for one year and six months, luck has stricken me when I was hired in a prestigious Catholic learning institution in Bangkok. I first taught Mathematics to Grades 2 and 4 students and then presently, to Grades 8 and 11.

The number of years for me to stay here is not yet fix but I am planning to stay here for a maximum of five years. It all depends to my work. If I could see that I am continuously growing and earning good amount of bucks then I would probably stay although my heart is whispering me to go back to my country and serve my countrymen. I do hope to do that. I am very positive on going back to Philippines for good for we all know that there's no place like home.

For now, I could do nothing but thank all those people who have helped me in every step of my life abroad. To the strangers I met who became my close friends and even my family here in Thailand. To my unexpected acquaintances who unexpectedly lend their support when I was struggling here. Indeed, they will always be a part of me. I am still here in Thailand because of their generosity. May they will be blessed more and more!

My online community, Siam Pinoy, is really worth of a mention. I am so blessed to have found this online community which later became a part of my growth as a professional in Thailand. The trust and the online network support with my fellow kababayans Siam Pinoy has given is more than what I could ask as neophyte . I hope that the community will continue to grow and will endlessly help other Filipinos in the kingdom.

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Nebz said...

And I guess I should do the same thing: thank all those people who've made my Saudi life a bit better.

It's funny nga lang because I've been here in Saudi longer than you are in Thailand but during special occasions, we prefer to eat Thai than Arabic food. We oh-so-love tomyang and my friends love concocting various mixes of Thai salad.

Someday I too am going back to the Philippines for good. But after spending a good part of my life in Saudi, I guess I will forever be indebted to those who've made my stay in Saudi good and memorable.

Salamat sa kanilang lahat.