Sunday, September 6, 2009

Suroy Suroy by Missing Felimon

It's another pride of Bisaya Rock (BISROCK) by my favorite Bisaya Band Missing Felimon. Ever since, Missing Felimon has caught my attention because of their meaningful songs and various genre of music. Besides, they never failed to tickle my fancy.

Suroy Suroy is another song from Missing Felimon worthy of fans' boisterous applause. It talks about the realities of life in Cebu, the Philippines' Queen City of the South. The song portrays a variety of dilemmas that affect the future generation. I encourage everyone to listen the song and have a little time for reflection on what is happening with the hopes of our fatherland.

Here's the song from Youtube...

Other songs of Missing Felimon that I really like are Inglesera and Principal. The latter reminds me of my students who do nothing in my class but make sure that they look physically good while their mind is just milling around the corner. My advise to them, "Pag-artista na lang, ayaw na ka eskwela...." hehehe

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Anonymous said...

I didn't understand a single word of the lyrics (except for that line about an American something) but my head was swaying with the beat. I liked it! Ipaparinig ko dun sa barkada ko from Cebu and Dumaguete. I guess mauunawaan nila to.