Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Way We Should Teach

"Good teachers are simply good peers to their students. They know the kind of experiences students go through in the classroom and respond constructively to these experiences. They identify with students by being a learner. They constantly express to students that they are 'with them' -- in good times, in bad times, in successes, in failures, and above all, in the process of learning."
-- Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan

I could not agree more to this statement from Dr. Krishnan in his book 'It Takes a Learner to Teach a Learner'. As teachers, we have to understand our students and remember that we were once students like them. Although were were raised in separate generations we have to understand the complexity of our students' emotions and thoughts brought by the changes which ate up the recent generation. Thus, give them the appropriate treatment. Learning could be easily carried out if the learners feel that their teacher is for them and not against them. We love to learn with our friends (somebody who is related to us) and not with the people we hate -- the same is true to our students.

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend here in Saudi who used to teach high school in Manila.

He said, he despise teachers who do not know what they're teaching; despire them more if they're cruel to students.

Sya daw, kahit daw hindi matalino ang bata at laging bagsak sa tests, basta daw laging pumapasok, he makes sure that the poor kid passes his class. Why? Sabi nya, mahina siguro ang ulo nya pero humahanga sya sa determinasyon ng bata na matuto dahil pumapasok sya araw-araw. In life, sabi nya, perseverance is very important.

I like your last two sentences. I wish all teachers will abide by these words.