Thursday, October 29, 2009


I got a feedback yesterday from a fellow blogger that it took time for her to view the contents of my blog and, unfortunately, I experienced the same thing about two weeks ago. I encountered similar problem for a couple of times but since I was too busy to wait for it to upload, I closed my blog and did other chores instead thinking that it was brought by poor internet connection.

However, as a tried to scroll down my blog few days ago, I discovered that the problem was not just an internet connection failure. It was a blog malfunction brought by the generated blog banner. As I logged in, I found out that the script went wrong and so to fix the problem I did not hesitate to erase the script and I immediately made a new banner which is so simple. I felt bad at first because I invested time just to generate that blog banner and only to find out that it would only cause trouble in my blog.

So right now, you could see a very simple blog banner which I instantly created days ago to make sure that my blog would go back to its normal running condition (like a utility vehicle). It might be very simple but still I saw to it that its simplicity would not fail to communicate the expressions and information I posted and will be posting in here.

My apology to everyone for such problem and I hope everything will be back to normal although I have been so busy these days for the second semester has just started and I just came back from my three weeks vacation in the Philippines.

Financial Education for Overseas Filipino Workers Urged

Financial education is deemed necessary for overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) nowadays in the wake of the looming global economic meltdown, officials from a marketing group said. Jose Enrique de las Peñas, International Marketing Group (IMG) president, said he believes that financial education, especially among OFWs that are lucky to still have jobs abroad, helps them offset the fears brought about by the ongoing financial crisis.

"What OFWs and Filipinos, in general, need right now is financial education. They have to increase their knowledge on the right way of savings and on how to take care of their finances and reduce the risk of losing what they have," he said. De las Peñas underscored the huge significance of financial education for Filipinos, "where everyone seems to be in fear of the negative prospects of the future."

IMG, a marketing company dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals, has close to 20,000 OFW members nationwide who have availed themselves of their free financial education seminars. Majority of these OFWs are working in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Middle East and Europe. IMG Chief Executive Officer Noel Arandilla said the common misconception of financial education is that it should only be limited to the elite or the well-educated.

"Everyone has their equal rights to be wealthy but the masses are afraid to go out of their comfort zones and be educated on how to increase their finances. The lack of education is keeping some of us unequipped to the possible effects of the crisis," Arandilla said. IMG seminars, facilitated by their own financial advisers, are now starting to attract people from different professions including doctors, engineers, teachers, factory and office workers, among others, Arandilla noted.

"A lot of businesses are already facing fears and signs that their companies might not survive the crisis. They ask our help to educate them and help them build their financial foundation," said De Las Peñas, adding a significant interest among corporations seeking their advice. He said that at the height of today's financial turmoil, many companies from industries such as information technology, electronics and education have sought their financial guidance as these sectors have been hit hard by the crisis.

"Fear of the uncertainty of the economy could be battled through financial education. With this, you can take positive, proactive and informative actions and will not be in a panic mode wherein you cannot do right decisions," De las Peñas said.

SOURCE: Manila Bulletin - February 8, 2009 (Sunday)

Friday, October 9, 2009


It's my sixth day here in the Philippines and so many things had happened that I could say I have been here for a longer period of time. If I am enjoying a fast-paced life in Bangkok, I do have to enjoy a slow-motion track of events here in Bohol as I have been confined to the place where I belong and it seems that I am repeating history by my own. I wear the shirts I used to wear three years ago and bask around the place where I used to hang out and so much more.

When I was in Thailand, I missed this place and now that I am here I understand why I have been missing home. Talking about comfort, I am much more comfortable lying in a soft bed in a fully furnished studio type condominium. Life here is so different but the moments where I exchange stories with my parents is nothing but incomparable. Different it may be, I have been used to it because I came from this place.

Not minding my teaching job abroad, I went back to my old routines. I help my father drying the grains of rice, assist my mother in our small variety store, feed the hogs, read sometimes... I am actually repeating history and I am enjoying it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I was not able to update my blog for several days and I did not even left some words on my whereabouts (as if you will be interested... hehehe). For my facebook friends, they knew for sure why I have been offline these days. I just arrived home last Saturday. I flew back here in the midst of the threats of super typhoon Pepeng and when people were still busy sending relief goods to the millions of victims of the typhoon Ondoy which severely flooded some parts of the Metro Manila. Thanks God for he spared Pasay and Bohol on the day of my flight and brought me home safely. Thanks to the powerful prayers of my friends!

Getting into the groove of the cyberspace has been so difficult these days as I have been struggling with the snail-speed internet connection caused by poor signal transmission in the rural areas of Bohol. Yes! I am finally home enjoying my family's company and savoring every quiet moment in our place which is 72 kilometers from the the city.

I've got plenty of articles to be posted as soon as I go back to the city. Pictures, stories... Yes, they are all in store for you and I will try to post more on my hometown in Bohol and the happenings in Bohol.

I was not able to go online on regular basis that's why I was not able to check my current standing in the 2009 Pinoy Expats Blog Awards. I just checked the poll result and was so surprised that I am now in the top ten. Thank you very much for those who have voted! This is our fight! :D :D :D

Right now, I have to do my best to create that personalized blog video that would let you know more about me. I want to finish it now but I remembered that we will be having a reunion this coming Sunday for my eldest sister's birthday and so the family would be complete. It would be nice if our family picture would be included and so I have to wait. :D