Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I was not able to update my blog for several days and I did not even left some words on my whereabouts (as if you will be interested... hehehe). For my facebook friends, they knew for sure why I have been offline these days. I just arrived home last Saturday. I flew back here in the midst of the threats of super typhoon Pepeng and when people were still busy sending relief goods to the millions of victims of the typhoon Ondoy which severely flooded some parts of the Metro Manila. Thanks God for he spared Pasay and Bohol on the day of my flight and brought me home safely. Thanks to the powerful prayers of my friends!

Getting into the groove of the cyberspace has been so difficult these days as I have been struggling with the snail-speed internet connection caused by poor signal transmission in the rural areas of Bohol. Yes! I am finally home enjoying my family's company and savoring every quiet moment in our place which is 72 kilometers from the the city.

I've got plenty of articles to be posted as soon as I go back to the city. Pictures, stories... Yes, they are all in store for you and I will try to post more on my hometown in Bohol and the happenings in Bohol.

I was not able to go online on regular basis that's why I was not able to check my current standing in the 2009 Pinoy Expats Blog Awards. I just checked the poll result and was so surprised that I am now in the top ten. Thank you very much for those who have voted! This is our fight! :D :D :D

Right now, I have to do my best to create that personalized blog video that would let you know more about me. I want to finish it now but I remembered that we will be having a reunion this coming Sunday for my eldest sister's birthday and so the family would be complete. It would be nice if our family picture would be included and so I have to wait. :D

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