Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remembering Andres Bonifacio

November 30 is a national holiday for Philippines in honor of the national hero Andres Bonifacio. He is the founder of the Katipunan and is known as the father of Philippine revolution. During the colonization of the Spaniards, Bonifacio was one of the heroes who devoted their lives in exchange of the freedom which the Filipinos have been longing for.

However, Bonifacio has almost entered in the "hall of forgotten heroes" especially that many of today's younger generation has been hooked to modern fantasy heroes like Captain Barbel, Super Inggo, Batman, Spiderman, Superman and so on. The heroism of Spiderman in annihilating his destructive opponents could be remembered better than the heroism of Bonifacio during the revolution against the Spanish conquerors. The entertaining and heart-pumping moves of Spiderman is much more popular than the gallant stand of Andres Bonifacio who strongly fought for our country's freedom which we are still enjoying at the moment.

If we want to impart the sense of nationalism to every Filipino then we need to make them realize the sacrifices done by our national heroes like Andres Bonifacio. With appreciation to the deeds of our national heroes, comes intense nationalism to uphold the ideals of the Philippines as sovereign nation. As said by Bonifacio, "What kind of love is more pure and more majestic, like the love for your native country? What kind of love? There's nothing more, nothing." We're Filipinos who do believe that Philippines is worth loving for. Let's continue the fight! Move Philippines! Move towards glory and fame!

Simple Deeds, Great Impacts

We have just seen and experienced the powerful retribution of nature through natural calamities which occurred in different parts of the world. Tsunami in the American Samoa, earthquake in Indonesia, typhoons in the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam – these were just few of the natural disasters which shook the entire globe because of the huge damages they have brought which included desolation of lives and destruction of properties.

In the recent years, we felt how the seasons have changed and it’s almost unpredictable. Summer could be filled with rain showers and sometimes heavy rain. Winter fashion would not necessarily mean thick jackets, gloves and boots for one might eventually go out realizing that his/her winter outfit is making him/her feel like bread plunked in an oven. Scientists call the phenomenon global warming or climate change while others consider it as another conspiracy circulated by the first world countries who are threatened of the impressive escalation of the economy of some third world countries (they could hinder third world countries from producing particular products).

While there are so many speculations on the awkward natural phenomenon that mankind is experiencing, it’s always good to look back those old times and trace how our little deeds contributed the dilemmas that we are facing in this day and age. Let us replicate those old days and learn how we could contribute in healing our world which has been wounded by our very own actions. There’s always a solution to every problem that we are facing and we do not have to hit upon the government or media (although they are helpful) just to find them because the solution is just residing within ourselves waiting to be expended for a better purpose. As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change that you want to see.” We can start it in our own like lessening the use of plastic cellophane or we just have to put the 3 simple R's in our minds. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Let's do whatever we can to help preserve the beauty of our world for we don't know how great the impact of our actions would be if done collectively. Let's create the world that we want to live and the future generations to inherit.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PHILIPPINES: The Good News and the WORST News

The Philippines has been in the global headline for a couple of times this year. Earlier, the typhoon Ondoy which flooded Metro Manila placed the country in the headlines of global news. Different stories were told which included some acts of voluntarism and unity in helping the victims of the catastrophic typhoon. Many lives were claimed in that natural calamity which made the entire country weep for the loss and the damages caused by such calamity.

Few weeks after the catastrophic typhoons hit the country, the Philippines, at last, had seen the light again when Manny Pacquiao won his match against Cotto. Once more, the Philippines was in the headline as the home of the best boxer the world has ever known (7 boxing titles in one person was truly remarkable in the history of boxing). Lately, the Phillipines triumphed again when its very own Efren Penaflorida was declared as the CNN Hero of the Year. Manny and Efren brought the Philippines into the limelight especially during the time when most of the Filipinos had become hopeless.

And now, the Philippines is shining in condemnation from other nations for the ongoing political warfare which resulted to the killing of more than forty individuals. Why do we have to end it this way? Did power became more valuable than lives? Do we have to kill people to serve people? Plenty of questions are starting to flow from the oasis of my wits down to the stream of my spirits. The recent incident only shows how dirty and dreadful the Philippine politics is. Politics is even one of the reason why hundred of journalists are being killed in the country making it one of the most dangerous places for journalists. Aside from those, there are still many undocumented politically-motivated killings in other sides of the country. Only time could tell when that ever-wanted Filipino hero could come to save the country from the arms of these inhumane individuals who rival for the hypocritical public service that they always mention.

Wits and Spirits is joining the entire Philippine nation in praying for the souls of those people who have been killed in Maguindanao. May justice would prevail.

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
-- Albert Einstein

Monday, November 23, 2009

Efren Penaflorida: There's a Hero in Us

Efren Penaflorida (Kuya Ef), a young Filipino who initiated "Pushcart Classroom" through the Dynamic Teen Company which he instigated to divert the youth's attention from gangsterism to simple act of voluntarism was named CNN Hero of the year.

I have been following Kuya Ef's inspiring story of heroism in helping the children in the slum areas in the Philippines by providing them education. What made his story more inspiring is when I learned that Kuya Ef did not come from a well-off family. Like the children he and his co-volunteers are helping, Kuya Ef was raised by his father who is a tricycle driver and his mother who is a plain housewife. He was able to finish high school and college (with a degree in BS Education) through Club 8586 -- a Christian people development organization committed in reaching out to families, campuses and communities. As I read and watched the video of Kuya Ef's extraordinary commitment to help people, I learned "again" that we all have something to share if we only want to share.

During the awarding night, as Kuya Ef accepted the honor as CNN Hero of the Year, he left a very astounding statement which is, for me, a wake-up call for all of us. With simplicity and all modesty, he expressed, "Our planet is filled with heroes, young and old, rich and poor, man, woman of different colors, shapes and sizes. We are one great tapestry. Each person has a hidden hero within, you just have to look inside you and search it in your heart, and be the hero to the next one in need. So to each and every person inside this theater and for those who are watching at home, the hero in you is waiting to be unleashed. ...You are the change that you dream, as I am the change that I dream, and collectively we are the change that this world needs to be." It was a very simple yet profound statement that would always be engraved in this blog and in my heart.

As an educator, Kuya Ef's life is a great inspiration and I do agree in him that the hero in us is just waiting to be unleashed. It's not all about how much we have but it's all about how much we are willing to share. A simple act of heroism could take many forms and could mean many different things like an encouraging word, a helping hand, an appreciative expression and so on. We only have to believe that there is a hero within us.

"True service to others is not an issue of scope or scale, for we may serve one, some or many -- through the smallest act of kindness or most noble feat of sacrifice."
-- Matthew May

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Power of Media

The Mass Media has been proven to be a very powerful tool which could transform simple thoughts into different actions and reactions. The latest advertisement of Thai Life Insurance Company which has been recently aired in Thai television stations is another testimony of the tremendous impact that the Media could bring.

The advertisement features young children singing the infamous "Que Sera Sera". At first, you would only notice their smiles and their enthusiasm in singing but as the storyline would reveal, you would discern that they are not ordinary children for they actually suffer from disabilities. As the advertisement goes on, you would eventually notice the reason behind the children's happy faces despite their disabilities. You would see in the latter part of the advertisement how proud their parents are which is more than enough of a reason for the children to be happy. The parents look at their children full of admiration.

The message of the advertisement is so inspiring and for me, it has served beyond its purpose which is to promote life insurance among parents especially to women who are planning to give birth. More than conveying to the audience the importance of life insurance, Thai Life Insurance Company has also imparted an important lesson to the masses especially in judging people with disabilities.

Luckily, I found the advertisement uploaded at Youtube and I would like to share this to everyone.

And here's another thing.This song is very popular in Thailand now. It has been sung by people from different walks of life. Actually, I learned about this advertisement when I heard some of my second year students singing it in the classroom. I was so amazed when I heard them singing the song because I seldom hear them singing a classic English song and another they do understand what they are singing. This advertisement, indeed, did not just advertise a product for it also imparted values and lasting English phrases in the heart of every Thai learner. Actually, I just used this advertisement last week to remind my students our classroom rules.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello everyone! Thank you for the unending support you have given to this blog. Indeed, I became so inspired to blog in the past few weeks when I learned that the number of visitors dropping into my blog has been increasing. To all the readers who dropped by especially those who promised to keep an eye in this blog, you're my inspiration and I will continue to blog because of you. I do hope that my life would be more interesting than ever in the following days so I could post more interesting articles. Well, I know that being interesting is so relative so I need to keep my fingers leashed and feel free to accept comments from my beloved readers.

Much as I want this blog to be updated on a regular basis (like twice a week), I need to admit that the following days would be a difficult struggle in my blogging career (yes, it's been a career for me). Midterm examination is fast approaching and it simply means that I need to prepare and consolidate learning evaluation tools and at the same time I have to keep updates of my students' progress in the classroom so they would become aware of the things which they need to improve and sustain. In addition to, I got an additional responsibility for the proposed Language Camp this March as I have to coordinate the planning of activities among Mathematics teachers in our program. You might be wondering why Math teachers need to be involved in the Language Camp. Well, few of us may have known that Math is just another language and for the speakers of English as Second Language, so much could be explored in Mathematics on the contextual usage of the English language. I do hope that our team would be able to come up with brilliant ideas that would encourage the learners to study Math.

Added to my jam-packed schedule in school is my thesis which I need to finish by last week of December so I could be ready for the internal panel defense on January. Completing this master's thesis would mean more online research hours, more library period and, of course, INSPIRATION to keep things going during the process.

So in advance, I would like to apologize for the delayed updates of this blog (as if you care... hehehe). Well, just in case you have been following this blog, we will still keep things going but we will be doing it one step at a time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Fashion undergoes constant cycle. Right now, I don't know if English is also into fashion. Is it fashion or just another marketing strategy?

The mall where I personally took the picture above is one of the malls in Bangkok visited by hundreds of foreign tourists everyday.

What's NEW?

You might have noticed some changes in this blog. For the followers of Wits and Spirits, you might think that you stumbled in a wrong blog. The content of the blog is almost all the same. However, some widgets have been removed especially those which are related to teaching.

I have been planning to put my personal and teaching blog together in Wits and Spirits but as I thought of my plans for putting up these blogs, I realized that they existed for two different reasons. Originally, my personal blog was intentionally made to be an outlet of my personal thoughts and opinions towards life's amusements and perplexities. On the other hand, my teaching blog has been established to express my passion for teaching and education (as a whole) with a hope to inspire fellow educators and education practitioners. Although keeping these blogs updated is not that easy especially during the times wherein I need to work with my students on my extra hours and catch up with different reports and learning evaluation criteria and tools, I understand that there are still ways to update these blogs on regular basis (although not that frequent).

At first, my worry was on maintaining traffic in these blogs because I was thinking that I really need to update them on regular basis especially if I would like visitors to keep on coming. However, as I analyzed the live traffic feed I have installed in each blog, I noticed that my teaching blog has been generating a good amount of traffic although I was not able to update it regularly. Moreover, I am starting to realize that my mission for starting my teaching blog has been achieved little by little so why should I stop? After all, everything boils down to the advocacy of the blog and the blogger.

So for those who would like to read my articles on teaching, you may visit my teaching blog. See you there! On the other hand, I would still be posting my teaching reflections here from time to time as my focus in my teaching blog is more of "professional articles".

Friday, November 13, 2009


Bohol’s first and only state college, Central Visayas State College of Agriculture Forestry and Technology (CVSCAFT) System, is now Bohol Island State University (BISU) per Republic Act 9722 principally authored by Bohol’s first district congressman Edgar M. Chatto. CVSCAFT System, composed of former Bohol School of Arts and Trades (BSAT), Bohol Agricultural College (BAC), Bohol School of Fisheries, Clarin School of Fisheries and Calape Polytechnic College, was converted into state college last June 2008. Since then, the institution continuously provided quality graduates in different fields like engineering, education, forestry, agriculture and industrial technology.

The success story of CVSCAFT (now BISU) could be attributed to the dedication of the college’s mentors who have been so keen in producing topnotch professionals who would excel in different National Board Examinations conducted by the Professions Regulations Commission (PRC) and in the industry as well.

As one of the alumni of CVSCAFT System (from Tagbilaran City Campus’ College of Engineering then to College of Teacher Education), I am so proud for this another milestone of my beloved alma mater. I hope through its new status as state university, it could serve better the greater Bohol especially to those poor but deserving students.

Long live CVSCAFT! Long live BISU!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Believe When Nobody Does

I started writing when I was in high school. Writing was just a part of my hobby and a way of expressing my frustration to be one of our school's representatives in the press conference and be trained on the basics of campus journalism. It was my dream to have one of my articles/poems published in our school publication but it never came into reality. I finished high school without experiencing the joy of having my name printed in the school paper.

Although frustrated, I never stopped believing that I could have my name printed in a school publication someday. Since I already graduated high school that time, my only chance was to achieve such dream in college. I was hoping that my English teacher would send me to the local campus journalism workshop one day so I could hone my writing skills and would have chances to join campus-based writing contests which were the only key toward joining the staff of the school publication and have one's articles published. I already took two English classes during first year but none of my teachers recommended me in any of the campus journalism workshops held in the college. I was a bit frustrated but I never lost hope.

When I was in second year college, I joined the campus journalism workshop sponsored by our college publication even if it would cost me two consecutive days of absence from my classes. I was not recommended by any teacher. I was just asked by one of the publication staff if I was interested to join and without hesitation, I said "YES". I knew my limitations in writing (especially in grammar and correct usage) yet I also knew that it was my only way to achieve my dream and taking that opportunity for granted would be the worst decision that I could ever make because I knew that the days were counting and too soon I would be leaving that college and I could not afford to leave without having my dream fulfilled.

I attended all the workshops on that two-day activity and joined every contest I was qualified to join. I had my shot on feature writing, editorial writing, news writing and copy reading, photojournalism and poetry writing. Of all the contests I've joined, I luckily got third prize in poetry writing. My poem "Unleash Me!" which was written on the spot (right after the poetry writing workshop) got the third prize and that qualified me to become one of the staff writers for our college publication in the same school year. From then on, I had my articles and poems published in our college publication and was given chances to improve my writing skills by attending in various seminar-workshops.

Unexpectedly, on that same school year, because of my active participation in our school publication, I was luckily chosen to be one of the school's representatives in a national youth leaders' seminar in Baguio City (Philippines' summer capital). There, I had the chance to meet youth leaders and fellow writers from all over the country and became a part of a timely national youth leadership newsletter. Indeed, I had my works published not only in a school paper but in a national newsletter as well. I thought, "This is more that what I imagined."

The following school year, I became a literary editor for our school publication and attended more writing and literary workshops like Literary Criticism Workshop with a group of Boholano poets and Film Appreciation Workshop presented by University of the Philippines film professor and director Nick de Ocampo.

With those experiences in life I learned that when no one seems to believe in us, we could still run to ourselves and keep our dreams alive with strong conviction that with passion and hard work, we could still make our dreams into reality. In the same way, we always have to do our best and show that we are capable so people would know. I admit, I was not that good in writing and I do commit a lot of mistakes but deep within me, I had a dream and I continued to believe in it.

If we want people to look at us with belief, respect and admiration, we need to look at ourselves that way first. We need to understand that we are what we believe we are. It's not other people's criticisms that make us feel down but it's our way of perceiving those criticisms and comments that build or destroy our character. Apparently, we need to maintain a positive outlook towards life for we are the molders of our own dreams.

"No one can stop a man with the right attitude but nobody in the world can help a man with the wrong attitude."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are We Ready?

Thailand's English as Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) industry is, without doubts, a Filipino-dominated industry as most of the foreign teachers employed to teach English and other content subjects are Filipinos. The ESL/EFL industry in Thailand is not that promising compared to other countries but, nevertheless, it's easier to come to Thailand for a job than in other countries. Most of the teachers here, came to Thailand as tourists who then applied for a working permit after finding an employer.

However, the salary that one could probably earn here is not as high as those who are working in other countries but because of its cheaper cost of living, it is not that difficult to make both ends meet. Many of us here could still send a good amount of money to help our families back home and we could send and save even better if we are hardworking enough to accept additional classes during non-working hours. We could go for private one-on-one tutorials or small class tutorials in learning centers. However, no one is assured of a stable job because most of the foreign workers here are working in contractual basis and usually we work under one-year contract and the thing is, most of the learning centers and even some schools do not provide work permit to their foreign teachers.

No one is assured of a lifetime job here in Thailand. Recently, a huge government project handled by two big universities in Bangkok made unlikely changes in their employment contract causing exodus of foreign teachers for some of them left while others were unfortunately evicted from the project. I don't know if it's another bad news from Thailand's ESL industry but I have read an article that a big English language center in Thailand would be ending its operation this year because it's planning to move to another Asian country where the business could be more promising. Over time, we have seen how the industry dropped that no wonder a time would come that only very few of the foreign teachers would be needed here.

In reality, the future is not ours but we could do something for our future by preparing for it as early as today. We have to face life positively and we could only do that if we know that we are financially secure. The future is not ours yet the present has been given to us so that we would be ready if ever the inevitable moments would struck. Make every moment of today a preparation of tomorrow for no one knows what would happen the following day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Make Failure Your Best Friend

Oftentimes, we are so afraid to try because we are afraid that we might fail. For most of us,failure is an enemy that we need to avoid. However, the truth is human beings are born imperfect and the only way for us to move toward perfection is to try all the possibilities without having much focus on the failures that we would surely encounter along the way. We need to learn from those failures. We can make failure our best friend.

According to an e-mail forwarded by a friend, we need to maximize our day. Thanks to Sir Rolly, one of my mentors, for forwarding this wonderful message from John C. Maxwell which I believe worthy to be shared to everyone.


When you are able to learn from any bad experience and thereby turn it into a good experience, you make a major transition in life. For years I've taught something that I think gives useful insight on the subject of life:

People change when they...
Hurt enough that they have to,
Learn enough that they want to, and
Receive enough that they are able to.

I learned the truth of that statement on a whole new level on December 18, 1998. While at my company's Christmas party, I felt an excruciating pain in my chest, and I went down for the count. I suffered from a serious heart attack. My heart attack was a painful and surprising experience, but I feel that God was very good to me at that process. Several excellent physicians rallied around me and made it possible for me not only to survive but also to avoid any permanent hear damage.

My cardiologist, Dr. Marshall, told me that men who survive an early heart attack and learn from it live longer and healthier lives that those who never suffer a heart attack. I am determined to learn from the experience. I changed my diet. I exercise and try to live a more balanced life. I had to admit that it's sometimes a struggle, but I'm persevering. I've taken to heart Jim Rohn's comment: "Don't let your learning lead to knowledge; let your learning lead to action. "

-- Failing Forward


I hope that this message from John Maxwell will make your day and will lead you bolder actions toward your dreams. Life has never promised us that we will be traversing a smooth road. However, life has always been teaching us that we can make the best out of everything. LIVE LIFE and ACHIEVE your GOALS!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have been blogging for quite sometime now and I have been thinking how to turn this hobby into an income-generating chore which would somehow help me in increasing my cash flow to support my future plans. I have been reading plenty of articles on how to earn from blogging and of all the recommendations given, adding Google Adsense tops the lists.

I was very convinced by most of the writers who placed Google Adsense on the top of their list that's why I started to create my Google Adsense account. However, my application has been rejected by the management of Google for various reasons. Several times, my application was not approved because the address which I provided was invalid. I tried my address in Thailand and then in the Philippines -- they were both rejected. I decided not to re-submit my application anymore for I have been rejected for many times until, lately, I re-submitted my application and took extra care not to commit the same mistake again. At last, my address was accepted but still my application for Google Adsense was rejected!

This time, the management found problem on the content of my blog. According to them, they could not approve my application for the contents of my blog do not qualify for Adsense. I have reviewed their policy and I don't know which of the policies I violated. Well, I guess my blog is too personal to be visited by people from different walks of life. I accept, my life is not that interesting as Barack Obama, Leonardo da Vinci, James Bond and other celebrated icons in the industry. However, I am still hopeful that I could still find other ways to earn some pennies through my blog.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teaching: A Joy or A Challenge?

Teaching should have been the most fulfilling job but why is it that we seldom see teachers who find fulfillment in what they are doing?

Back in the Philippines, most of the teachers were actually regarded as penniless people who do not have time for themselves. Oftentimes, teachers go back home with loads of paperworks to finish -- that is aside from the regular preparations that one has to do for the lessons to be presented. However, it is very sad to say that these paperworks only add burden to the teachers for they are only required for filing purposes and not for the learning of the students which is supposed to be the most essential concern of every learning institution.

A very typical example is the lesson plan. Most of the educational institutions have been adding ambiguity in the preparation of lesson plans without giving emphasis on the lesson itself. Instead of giving the teacher a chance to develop the lesson so that learning among the students could be maximize, much focus have been given on adding redundant parts of the lesson plan that the preparation of the lesson plan would take much longer than the presentation of the lesson and in the end, the lesson plan is much better than the lesson.

If we believe that teaching should be focused on the enhancement of students' learning then we have to change the current system of education wherein too much emphasis is given on documentation as part of the supervision process than on teaching and learning. As we move towards the new era of the human revolution, we need to understand the changes that has been brought to us by the ever-changing landscape of the society. The present generation demands us to become more practical as we don't have to waste any single moment of our life and so of our career. After all, everybody would find fulfillment when the end has been justified and that is, the students have learned something.

In the end, all we need to understand is the joy that teaching could bring to every teacher and not the challenges which only try to build the endurance of the teachers. If we fail to address such problem, then we fail to communicate to our learners that school is not a chamber of torture which would only test how determined they are.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This is something that my spirits could never contain and my wits could never imagine. I never had a big 24th birthday celebration but the greetings I received were more than just what a huge birthday party could offer. Words were very simple but as I started to jot down the names of those who greeted me, I realized how tremendous a word could become especially when you know that it came from the heart of the person who told it to you. I could not bear it that I wanted to share the joy to everyone. It's not all about the businesses that we transacted. It's not all about the works that we did together. It's not all about the laughter that sparkled our hearts. Instead, it's all about the relationship that we shared for a moment or a lifetime.

As what Kuya Banjo said in his birthday greetings, "We need some attention from time to time to ensure to ourselves that we are existing and our existence is needed." Indeed, he is so true and the simple greetings I received were more than just enough to remind me that I am still existing with everyone. A genuine wish from colleagues Mr. Khem and Ate Cecil reminded me of the life that I always wanted to live -- a simple yet challenging life that would never be wasted. Somehow, they reminded me that I am not alone in achieving my dreams for as they wished, I would be more inspired to follow the desires of my heart. Krishna and George's prayer for God's help would truly help me in every decision that I am going to make as I chase my dreams.

Addie's and Diana's simple greetings reminded me the value of friendship -- a kind of relationship that I would always treasure for the rest of my life. I am becoming more confident and inspired to do what I believe is right because of my friends who always see me as winner and inspiration. Little did they know that they are more than just inspirations to me. They are what they are and they are always winners because of what they are.

My family who has always been there and witnessed my life for the past 24 years were more than just ordinary witnesses but molders of dream as well. My life could have never been the same without them. I did not hear greetings from all of them yet I know how happy they are that I reached this age with something that could be proud of. 24 years were not just 24 years with my family for they meant a lot. It means 24 years of learning, 24 years of bond, 24 years of love, 24 years of happiness, 24 years of abundance and the list has no ending. My family has given me more that what I have wished for they showed me abundance in the middle of scarcity.

1. Own a Business in the Philippines
2. Travel Around the World
3. Build my Dream Rest House in my Dream Farm Before I Reach 30
4. Own a Condo/Apartment in Tagbilaran City
5. Finish my Master's Degree
6. Avail Australian Government Aid for my 2nd Master's Degree or Doctoral Degree
7. Teach in Another Country (most likely in America)
8. Achieve Financial Freedom at the Age of 28
9. Write a Self-Help Book
10. Write a Mathematics Textbook
11. Publish a Book on Professional Studies
12. Build my Own Foundation for Needy Children and Families
13. Retire at the Age of 40.
14. Island Getaway in the Philippines with my Family
15. Maintain a Popular Blog
16. Family Reunion with the Saraspes
17. Family Reunion with the Cerbitos
18. High School Batch Reunion by 2012
19. Meet and Connect with my relatives as I can
20. Teach Professional Subject/s in a Popular University in the Philippines
21. Travel to Phuket, Changmai and Krabi
22. Travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong
23. Climb one of the peaks in Thailand
24. Conquer Mt. Apo


1. Kuya Banjo Cleofe
2. Ate Cecil Lacson
3. Ate Maejoy Sinsuan
4. Sam Barrete
5. Raziel Felix
6. Master Khemapat
7. Zhen Marcojos
8. Donna Ucang
9. Ate Rosie Arcillas
10. Diana Salivad
11. Addie Paredes
12. Krishna Reyes
13. George Terrenal
14. Donna Rebugio
15. Ivy Salarza
16. Fely Padilla
17. Dolly Grace Nanit
18. Levi Saraspe
19. Franco Tatad
20. Adelaida Cabahug
21. Lorna Coral
22. Ivy Sarabosing
23. Angelita Lumor
24. Fritzie Galleos
25. Lilibeth Jeminos
26. Azel

Sorry for the names which were not mentioned. What is important is you made my day more special and you know that. Thank you so much and may God will bless you all!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


With all the scandals, copyright infringement and cyber-bullying issues lurking in the internet nowadays, it's still good to know that there are still people whose kindness and passion for serving others help billions of internet users from around the globe. It's so uplifting to hear people's testimonies on how the internet helped them earn additional income, meet long lost friends and relatives, make communication faster and even prevent an accident which was about to happen. What makes it more genuine is when you personally experience all these things like what just happened lately.

How about meeting a very close relative you've never met in your entire life? It sounds impossible but FACEBOOK has just shown me the possibility when a person of the same last name as mine added me as a friend. I did not spend even a single minute looking at this person's info because I think he's just another unknown individual whose last name just happened to be the same as mine. Good that I gave a try in opening looking over his info and leaving him some words. He is just a very close relative I never met before. He's a grandchild of my uncle who died many years ago without even giving me a chance to see him in person. What happened was a reunion of an uncle who has never met his nephew before. It was, indeed, a cyber-reunion.