Friday, November 13, 2009


Bohol’s first and only state college, Central Visayas State College of Agriculture Forestry and Technology (CVSCAFT) System, is now Bohol Island State University (BISU) per Republic Act 9722 principally authored by Bohol’s first district congressman Edgar M. Chatto. CVSCAFT System, composed of former Bohol School of Arts and Trades (BSAT), Bohol Agricultural College (BAC), Bohol School of Fisheries, Clarin School of Fisheries and Calape Polytechnic College, was converted into state college last June 2008. Since then, the institution continuously provided quality graduates in different fields like engineering, education, forestry, agriculture and industrial technology.

The success story of CVSCAFT (now BISU) could be attributed to the dedication of the college’s mentors who have been so keen in producing topnotch professionals who would excel in different National Board Examinations conducted by the Professions Regulations Commission (PRC) and in the industry as well.

As one of the alumni of CVSCAFT System (from Tagbilaran City Campus’ College of Engineering then to College of Teacher Education), I am so proud for this another milestone of my beloved alma mater. I hope through its new status as state university, it could serve better the greater Bohol especially to those poor but deserving students.

Long live CVSCAFT! Long live BISU!


Anonymous said...

As BSAT alumni, we are proud that it has become Bohol's first State University but it would have been nicer if they named the school BSU for Bohol State University instead of "BISU". It just sounds so funny specially with us Bisaya people...BISU-ng?? So funny but i just remember that they also make fun of our school BSAT as Bilat Sa Amo's kinda close to BISU-ng! But when it's BSU it sounds nicer and soothing to the ear..

Phil said...

hehehe... that's why it has to be pronounced as BYSU and not BISU. (biisu) is very dangerous especially when it would not be properly perceived by the listener. I guess the reason why it's BISU and not BSU is because BSU has been widely used by state universities in the Philippines like the ones in Benguet, Bulacan, Batangas and others. Bohol is taking its pride as an island paradise and so BISU is taking its pride as an island university... hehehe