Sunday, November 8, 2009

Make Failure Your Best Friend

Oftentimes, we are so afraid to try because we are afraid that we might fail. For most of us,failure is an enemy that we need to avoid. However, the truth is human beings are born imperfect and the only way for us to move toward perfection is to try all the possibilities without having much focus on the failures that we would surely encounter along the way. We need to learn from those failures. We can make failure our best friend.

According to an e-mail forwarded by a friend, we need to maximize our day. Thanks to Sir Rolly, one of my mentors, for forwarding this wonderful message from John C. Maxwell which I believe worthy to be shared to everyone.


When you are able to learn from any bad experience and thereby turn it into a good experience, you make a major transition in life. For years I've taught something that I think gives useful insight on the subject of life:

People change when they...
Hurt enough that they have to,
Learn enough that they want to, and
Receive enough that they are able to.

I learned the truth of that statement on a whole new level on December 18, 1998. While at my company's Christmas party, I felt an excruciating pain in my chest, and I went down for the count. I suffered from a serious heart attack. My heart attack was a painful and surprising experience, but I feel that God was very good to me at that process. Several excellent physicians rallied around me and made it possible for me not only to survive but also to avoid any permanent hear damage.

My cardiologist, Dr. Marshall, told me that men who survive an early heart attack and learn from it live longer and healthier lives that those who never suffer a heart attack. I am determined to learn from the experience. I changed my diet. I exercise and try to live a more balanced life. I had to admit that it's sometimes a struggle, but I'm persevering. I've taken to heart Jim Rohn's comment: "Don't let your learning lead to knowledge; let your learning lead to action. "

-- Failing Forward


I hope that this message from John Maxwell will make your day and will lead you bolder actions toward your dreams. Life has never promised us that we will be traversing a smooth road. However, life has always been teaching us that we can make the best out of everything. LIVE LIFE and ACHIEVE your GOALS!

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