Monday, November 2, 2009


This is something that my spirits could never contain and my wits could never imagine. I never had a big 24th birthday celebration but the greetings I received were more than just what a huge birthday party could offer. Words were very simple but as I started to jot down the names of those who greeted me, I realized how tremendous a word could become especially when you know that it came from the heart of the person who told it to you. I could not bear it that I wanted to share the joy to everyone. It's not all about the businesses that we transacted. It's not all about the works that we did together. It's not all about the laughter that sparkled our hearts. Instead, it's all about the relationship that we shared for a moment or a lifetime.

As what Kuya Banjo said in his birthday greetings, "We need some attention from time to time to ensure to ourselves that we are existing and our existence is needed." Indeed, he is so true and the simple greetings I received were more than just enough to remind me that I am still existing with everyone. A genuine wish from colleagues Mr. Khem and Ate Cecil reminded me of the life that I always wanted to live -- a simple yet challenging life that would never be wasted. Somehow, they reminded me that I am not alone in achieving my dreams for as they wished, I would be more inspired to follow the desires of my heart. Krishna and George's prayer for God's help would truly help me in every decision that I am going to make as I chase my dreams.

Addie's and Diana's simple greetings reminded me the value of friendship -- a kind of relationship that I would always treasure for the rest of my life. I am becoming more confident and inspired to do what I believe is right because of my friends who always see me as winner and inspiration. Little did they know that they are more than just inspirations to me. They are what they are and they are always winners because of what they are.

My family who has always been there and witnessed my life for the past 24 years were more than just ordinary witnesses but molders of dream as well. My life could have never been the same without them. I did not hear greetings from all of them yet I know how happy they are that I reached this age with something that could be proud of. 24 years were not just 24 years with my family for they meant a lot. It means 24 years of learning, 24 years of bond, 24 years of love, 24 years of happiness, 24 years of abundance and the list has no ending. My family has given me more that what I have wished for they showed me abundance in the middle of scarcity.

1. Own a Business in the Philippines
2. Travel Around the World
3. Build my Dream Rest House in my Dream Farm Before I Reach 30
4. Own a Condo/Apartment in Tagbilaran City
5. Finish my Master's Degree
6. Avail Australian Government Aid for my 2nd Master's Degree or Doctoral Degree
7. Teach in Another Country (most likely in America)
8. Achieve Financial Freedom at the Age of 28
9. Write a Self-Help Book
10. Write a Mathematics Textbook
11. Publish a Book on Professional Studies
12. Build my Own Foundation for Needy Children and Families
13. Retire at the Age of 40.
14. Island Getaway in the Philippines with my Family
15. Maintain a Popular Blog
16. Family Reunion with the Saraspes
17. Family Reunion with the Cerbitos
18. High School Batch Reunion by 2012
19. Meet and Connect with my relatives as I can
20. Teach Professional Subject/s in a Popular University in the Philippines
21. Travel to Phuket, Changmai and Krabi
22. Travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong
23. Climb one of the peaks in Thailand
24. Conquer Mt. Apo


1. Kuya Banjo Cleofe
2. Ate Cecil Lacson
3. Ate Maejoy Sinsuan
4. Sam Barrete
5. Raziel Felix
6. Master Khemapat
7. Zhen Marcojos
8. Donna Ucang
9. Ate Rosie Arcillas
10. Diana Salivad
11. Addie Paredes
12. Krishna Reyes
13. George Terrenal
14. Donna Rebugio
15. Ivy Salarza
16. Fely Padilla
17. Dolly Grace Nanit
18. Levi Saraspe
19. Franco Tatad
20. Adelaida Cabahug
21. Lorna Coral
22. Ivy Sarabosing
23. Angelita Lumor
24. Fritzie Galleos
25. Lilibeth Jeminos
26. Azel

Sorry for the names which were not mentioned. What is important is you made my day more special and you know that. Thank you so much and may God will bless you all!


Reymos said...

Belated happy birthday. Your wishes will come true with hardwork and determination! Maybe some of them will take a while to materialise but dont be disappointed coz there are more beautiful things to come along your way!

Phil said...

Thnx Kuya Rey! I do follow your blog always especially your university life because your stories never failed to inspire me to follow my dream and keep on believing that they will be realized in due time. Of course, as what you have always said, with hardwork and determination.