Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have been blogging for quite sometime now and I have been thinking how to turn this hobby into an income-generating chore which would somehow help me in increasing my cash flow to support my future plans. I have been reading plenty of articles on how to earn from blogging and of all the recommendations given, adding Google Adsense tops the lists.

I was very convinced by most of the writers who placed Google Adsense on the top of their list that's why I started to create my Google Adsense account. However, my application has been rejected by the management of Google for various reasons. Several times, my application was not approved because the address which I provided was invalid. I tried my address in Thailand and then in the Philippines -- they were both rejected. I decided not to re-submit my application anymore for I have been rejected for many times until, lately, I re-submitted my application and took extra care not to commit the same mistake again. At last, my address was accepted but still my application for Google Adsense was rejected!

This time, the management found problem on the content of my blog. According to them, they could not approve my application for the contents of my blog do not qualify for Adsense. I have reviewed their policy and I don't know which of the policies I violated. Well, I guess my blog is too personal to be visited by people from different walks of life. I accept, my life is not that interesting as Barack Obama, Leonardo da Vinci, James Bond and other celebrated icons in the industry. However, I am still hopeful that I could still find other ways to earn some pennies through my blog.


Reymos said...

I dont like having google ads on my blogsite! Earn extra money is do some reviews of products and services. Or you can join travel sites which allow you to share your travel experiences and you are being paid as well. You can check it out thru my website (Ecommerce)...

Phil said...

I have visited your e-commerce and it's so interesting. Unfortunately, i am not a patron of most of the products in the website. I will be looking for other alternatives though. Just thinking of other ways to earn to support my planned charitable activities in our "barrio". I have been planning to conduct free workshops and summer classes in writing, computer and speech to benefit the untapped but talented children in our place. I want to start it little by little until I could invite other bloggers to volunteer for such endeavor.

Additional income is badly needed to supply the materials. I will be posting the details here as soon as I could finalize the plan, time frame and the budget.

And I do agree with you. adding google adsense would just make this blog messy. There are so many other ways, indeed, to earn online.