Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PHILIPPINES: The Good News and the WORST News

The Philippines has been in the global headline for a couple of times this year. Earlier, the typhoon Ondoy which flooded Metro Manila placed the country in the headlines of global news. Different stories were told which included some acts of voluntarism and unity in helping the victims of the catastrophic typhoon. Many lives were claimed in that natural calamity which made the entire country weep for the loss and the damages caused by such calamity.

Few weeks after the catastrophic typhoons hit the country, the Philippines, at last, had seen the light again when Manny Pacquiao won his match against Cotto. Once more, the Philippines was in the headline as the home of the best boxer the world has ever known (7 boxing titles in one person was truly remarkable in the history of boxing). Lately, the Phillipines triumphed again when its very own Efren Penaflorida was declared as the CNN Hero of the Year. Manny and Efren brought the Philippines into the limelight especially during the time when most of the Filipinos had become hopeless.

And now, the Philippines is shining in condemnation from other nations for the ongoing political warfare which resulted to the killing of more than forty individuals. Why do we have to end it this way? Did power became more valuable than lives? Do we have to kill people to serve people? Plenty of questions are starting to flow from the oasis of my wits down to the stream of my spirits. The recent incident only shows how dirty and dreadful the Philippine politics is. Politics is even one of the reason why hundred of journalists are being killed in the country making it one of the most dangerous places for journalists. Aside from those, there are still many undocumented politically-motivated killings in other sides of the country. Only time could tell when that ever-wanted Filipino hero could come to save the country from the arms of these inhumane individuals who rival for the hypocritical public service that they always mention.

Wits and Spirits is joining the entire Philippine nation in praying for the souls of those people who have been killed in Maguindanao. May justice would prevail.

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
-- Albert Einstein

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Nebz said...


I can't comprehend what kind of people would do evil deeds like this.

Wala na ba talaga tayong pagpapahalaga sa buhay ng kapwa natin? My prayes go to all of them. To the culprits, may they suffer a thousand death; to all victims, peace.