Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello everyone! Thank you for the unending support you have given to this blog. Indeed, I became so inspired to blog in the past few weeks when I learned that the number of visitors dropping into my blog has been increasing. To all the readers who dropped by especially those who promised to keep an eye in this blog, you're my inspiration and I will continue to blog because of you. I do hope that my life would be more interesting than ever in the following days so I could post more interesting articles. Well, I know that being interesting is so relative so I need to keep my fingers leashed and feel free to accept comments from my beloved readers.

Much as I want this blog to be updated on a regular basis (like twice a week), I need to admit that the following days would be a difficult struggle in my blogging career (yes, it's been a career for me). Midterm examination is fast approaching and it simply means that I need to prepare and consolidate learning evaluation tools and at the same time I have to keep updates of my students' progress in the classroom so they would become aware of the things which they need to improve and sustain. In addition to, I got an additional responsibility for the proposed Language Camp this March as I have to coordinate the planning of activities among Mathematics teachers in our program. You might be wondering why Math teachers need to be involved in the Language Camp. Well, few of us may have known that Math is just another language and for the speakers of English as Second Language, so much could be explored in Mathematics on the contextual usage of the English language. I do hope that our team would be able to come up with brilliant ideas that would encourage the learners to study Math.

Added to my jam-packed schedule in school is my thesis which I need to finish by last week of December so I could be ready for the internal panel defense on January. Completing this master's thesis would mean more online research hours, more library period and, of course, INSPIRATION to keep things going during the process.

So in advance, I would like to apologize for the delayed updates of this blog (as if you care... hehehe). Well, just in case you have been following this blog, we will still keep things going but we will be doing it one step at a time.

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