Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How Much Sacrifice Can We Offer?

Of all the problems that we have been facing in our country, I am still very hopeful that the Philippines will still shine upon the earth to claim once more its glory as progressive country.

The election is coming and, once more, we would exercise one of our essential rights as Filipino citizens -- our right to vote. How much are we willing to sacrifice to ensure that the Philippines would have a brighter future? How much are we willing to sacrifice for the future generation?

Like the child in the video below, let's do our share in rising our flag as we journey through the change which we have been longing for. Let the change start in ourselves. It's not a matter of you, he, she, or we. It's a matter of "I". Let's all acknowledge our responsibilities for our country because we are the hope that we have been talking about.


The Pope said...

A very touching and inspiring video which remind us of our responsibility as Filipinos in the upcoming 2010 Election.

Thank you for sharing the video.

Reymos said...

Very inspiring vid clip but I dont know how many of our kababayan recognise what we can do in bringing better life to our countrymen! The election is only an alternative way to bring this change to our motherland, however it is more on what we could work together to stop graft and corruption in the government.

Rolly B. Caidic said...

heya phil! great to hear from you! yeah the web is really amazing! im so suprised you found me here.. haha
kamusta ka na poh?

Phil said...

Rolly! It's you! hehehe

I'm doing fine naman po. Life has lots of surprises talaga. I was also able to connect with Ely through his blog and now his facebook. I am planning to meet him this month as I will be spending my holidays in Manila while attending some trainings. It would be great to meet you and the rest of the staff of "The Leader 2003". I don't have any news about the others except for Joan Maglasang who topped in the Licensure Examination for Teachers in 2005, I guess.