Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Staying Thankful and Hopeful in 2010

Finally, it’s 2010! It’s almost four years that passed since I first stepped in an airline which brought me here in Thailand. I was younger then and still had plenty of musings on the perplexities of life. With all those musings, I had a dream I kept within and the youth that has been within me has pushed me to be the dream that I have always been seeing in my mind’s eye. I’m not yet living in dreams but with the life that I have been enjoying, gratitude could never have any way to escape.

I am very thankful for the many blessings which have been profusely poured into my path as I trudged my own road towards this year 2010. Relatively, they were not colossal but they were more than enough to turn out some changes in my life.

1.Friendship. It’s the most precious gift I have ever received in 2009 and the preceding years. I would always stay humble and thankful to those people who have showed great compassion and interest in my life. Some of them I met personally and regularly and have been through my joys and difficulties. Others are so distant yet our virtual relationship has ignited my innermost soul and has inspired me to do better in every way.

2.Wisdom. I thank for a mind which has always been open and ready for life’s major changes as I journey towards victory.

3.Health. I would always thank for the good health which I have been enjoying in all those years. I am very thankful that I could still wake up every morning with my senses clearly feeling the wonders of life with its little miracles.

4.Purpose. Life has always been wonderful especially when you know that you’re living for a certain purpose. I consider my purpose as one of life’s abundant gifts for every purpose lived brings joy to my soul.

5.Discipline. I admit, I hardly had any of it but I am still thankful for this small amount of discipline which allows me to live a life away from misery.

I would stay thankful for all those gifts and hopeful that I would get plenty of them this year. Life is so wonderful that I always want to live it with bounty of friendship, wisdom, health, purpose and discipline.

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Anonymous said...

There's really so much that we have to be thankful for.

Minsan nga najajahe na ako kay Lord because most of the blessings that He gives me, I don't really deserve.

Quite honestly, the five things that you were thankful for are the same five things that I'm hoping for my family and I in 2010.

Maligaya at matahimik na 2010 sa ating lahat!