Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teacher's Block

A Mathematics teacher, I often struggle from this treacherous state during the planning stage of my lesson. Times come in which I lose ideas on how to present a lesson in such a way that it would grab the students’ fleeting attention. I call it Teacher's Block and I don't know if other teachers have also suffered this kind of frustration before.

Lecture and exposition usually become my last resort but I know exactly how students struggle from this method of teaching especially with a subject full of constants and variables which seem to be irrelevant when not carefully delivered and understood. I should have laid myself in my comfort zone but I know that it’s not the best thing to do. So instead of dwelling into this negative thought and emotion, I direct my attention to the hundreds of inspiring blogs and websites made by teachers who noticeably find ultimate joy and fulfillment in teaching. I believe that no matter how you love a certain thing, you still need a daily dose of inspiration to keep your passion burning. Thanks to the latest technology which allows us to get support and advice even from the people we do not know!

Until now, I am really wondering how Teacher’s Block could thump an educator like me. Actually, I needed time to reflect so that the thoughts could sink in my soul and tell me the reasons. Finally, I noticed that these reasons are not beyond my turf and they are personally controllable. I need to gain FOCUS!

Usually, I become overwhelmed when loads of works are laid in front of me. I want to finish all of them almost in an instant that’s why I fail to sort them out according to priority. Oftentimes, I would like to have a taste of each of them until I realize that I am already bored doing a particular thing and so I have to pick another one. It’s a chain and the story goes on until I would realize that I finished nothing. Naturally, I would become frustrated and my motivation to do another task would soon come to naught.

This condition I call Teacher’s Block could be avoided if one knows how to sort his tasks according to priority. It’s true that teachers are usually loaded with bunch of works like lesson and instructional materials preparation, learning assessment and many other side tasks but with proper time management and ardent focus, Teacher’s Block could be avoided. Each one of us only needs a positive attitude and genuine passion towards our job for no one could love it more than we could love it. As a teacher, my greatest reward is the tremendous power that is within me. The future leaders are in my classroom but with negative attitude and complacency, I could turn them into criminals. “What a power!,” I think. But as Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So Teacher's Block no more!


Anonymous said...

I've a friend who used to be a teacher. I'll ask him what he did during the bout of teacher's block.

I guess, not being a teacher, I can only advise you one thing: relax. Let your mind relax.

Whenever I am bored, I walk.

Hope somehow my suggestion would help you. Goodluck.


was here.

salamat sa dalaw.

teka ayoko mag basa ng english.nahihilo ako

ingat lagi dude. nice layout btw

julie ann said...

That teacher,s block u called. sometimes happen to me. specially when when down and i cant go beyond my students face.
but i know now that i can prevent that block. only if only only if the teacher is teaching not only the discipline of his subject but the discipline of life.
its just like when ur talking with ur friends look at them eye to eye and let them know that u care.
If the words coming from our's were truth and we're just sharing them what we know.

Then we can not be block.

Josephil Cerbito Saraspe said...

@Sir Nebz: thnx for the advice. I will do it. I miss doing it anyway. Sparing a time for yourself is the best way to recharge, indeed.

@Pabz: Thnx too for dropping dude!

@Julie: It's so useful, indeed. But the teacher's block I am talking is not when facing my students for I usually do not run out of words to say. hehehe... Have you tried gripping your mind for thoughts but nothing comes out especially in planning a lesson? It's so frustrating in a way.

reymos said...

Well, teaching mathematics and other courses that deal with numbers and computations is a challenging task especially getting 100% from the students. Fortunately, Im teaching courses that are more qualitative in nature, so it is not difficult to get the attention of my 40-50 students. To be more effective in teaching quantitative modules, the best thing is always ask your students to help you solve the problem. Do more of exercises as the students do it by their own and solve it in the board! I give them extra points for recitation. The most challenging thing for being a teacher is when your student(s) confirm or contradict your theory or your views!