Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodbye Facebook

It was, I think, June last year when I created an account in the world's most popular social networking website, Facebook. At first, I was hesitant to open an account with facebook because of the many negative feedbacks I have read regarding privacy, addiction, among others. Well, I did not mind all the negative feedback because I was too positive to stick on the positive comments facebook users had. Honestly, I had much with facebook and it helped me a lot in networking, collaborating and communicating with my colleagues, friends, students and even people who have the same interests as mine.

But why did I opt to leave? The reasons are too personal and I believe I could divulge them here because this is a personal blog. The following reasons made me decide to deactivate my account at the world's most famous:

1. PRIVACY ISSUES Facebook is too open that you would sometimes wonder who are those people appearing in your wall. Every move you make is a news that would immediately appear to your friends' facebook homepage. Although I did not include some personal information in my profile, the fact is still there that other people (not my friends) could see my wall and it's really strange.

2. 'CYBER HARASSMENT' I have accepted some friends because I know them (e.g. we came from the same school, province or they were my students before) but I usually feel harassed when I am tagged with obscene, rude and nonsense pictures or posts. Since they would all appear in my wall, my other friends would see them and I am sure they also feel harassed. I could have deleted them in my list of friends but it's too late before I notice that they tagged me with rude posts.

3. WEB POPULARITY I became so popular in the web because of facebook. Before, when I google my name, teacher licensing websites and others (including my blog) would come out but since I joined facebook, it automatically topped in the result and it seems that my life has been so facebook. hehehe

Actually, I had all the purpose in my mind when I joined facebook and they were all served but they were also defeated this time. I thought of deleting people in my list of friends but I did not do it because, usually, I do not want to delete people in my life. I feel better when people delete me in their lives than me deleting them.

I still have plan of reopening another account with facebook and only time could tell when would that be. For now, I just have to say goodbye to facebook and focus myself on exploring the various applications of technology and how can I apply them in our classes.



Reymos said...

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