Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving On and Stepping Forward

One week more to go and we'll finally call it a day. That's how fast time flies that even some of my Grade 11 students we're a bit surprised when I announced in the class that we will be having our final project exhibition and final examination next week.

Closing the school year means a lot to me. First, it means a lot of work as I need to submit a bunch of reports. I also need to evaluate a couple of students' outputs and of course examination papers. They would be followed by a good amount of evaluation marks. Actually, they're a lot but I(I need to) enjoy doing them.

Works aside, the end of the school year does not really mean the end of the journey of every teacher for this is actually an important step for another teaching milestone. It's a very good time for teachers to reflect which worked and which did not during the entire school year, thus, providing room for improvement.

As for me, I learned a lot from this school year. It gave me a lot of learning-worthy experiences and I do hope that they would all guide me as I venture for another teaching and learning escapade,this time, hopefully with Grade 10, 11 and 12 classes. I just hope that I would have more disciplined and more responsible students next school year and I know that the best way to hope for those things is to have them in me.

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Nebz said...

Funny, no? When you choose being a teacher, you end up not only teaching more, but learning more as well. Truly a noble -- and a very rewarding -- profession!

Take time to relax huh.