Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why did heavens know?

I wrote this poem while I was alone (as I always am and I am loving it at times) in my pad one rainy afternoon. I was reading a book when inspiration suddenly struck. Carried out by some thoughts of sadness and frustrations, I opened my notebook and started to jot down all the thoughts I had that time. I was glad I had that moment of solitude for it has been a long time since I wrote a poem as I have been too occupied with so many sciences and researches which are of vital importance in today's knowledge society and of course in my profession. I remember, the last English poem I entered in my journal was written inside an airplane almost four years ago when I first left the Philippines. It's entitled "I am a Traveler" and was written to express my musings on what a new and used to be strange country would offer me.

Life is a very wonderful journey, my friends. Let's enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Negative thoughts and emotions might dwell in us at times but they should not be the reasons for us to stop trudging the road we have chosen to follow. Instead, let those unlikely situations inspire us to do better and to do more -- ponder and write something from the heart. For now, here's another piece of my soul -- a sonnet that I sang when things just didn't work the way I wanted. Looking at the brighter side of each situation is a choice which is always freely given to us. The poem is here for you to decipher.

Ebony shade ate the sunlight hours
The sun sighed and the clouds cried
Birds fluttered fading away to a place I never knew
Then my soul wailed for a reason I didn't know

And then the trees chuckled
While the flowers smirked
Frogs exulted with euphoric tongue
Then my heart ebbed and flew

Like a swarming snake, I kissed the ground
And soaked my face in the feeble mire
The truculent fusion of teardrops and the meek brown dust
Left my face a gloomy wonder never defined

How did heavens know such melancholy?
I locked my mouth that no one would hear.
Yet the silent weeps roared into the sky
Why did heavens know? 

I stopped wondering…
Gazing my thoughts to those cold crystal drops
I knew heavens teemed down those liquid beads
So my desolated thoughts would be carried with the breeze.

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