Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cebu Trivia Nights at Alejandro's

Trivia night organized by iSee events. Photo from
The latest craze among popular bars in the metros has been in Cebu and I just knew it yesterday while eating out with my team mates at Alejandro's Filipino Resto at Don Jose Avila Street in Capitol Site, Cebu City.

"TRIVIA NIGHT AT ALEJANDRO'S" has been happening every Wednesday since February last year at Alejandro's. The first in Cebu, this fun and educational night should have been loved by infoholics of all ages. And this only means one thing: I need to roll up my sleeves and get ready to dig my long lost wits factory. However, I happened to glance at a poster which said that the place is WiFi spot so I could perhaps ask for Mr. Google's assistance just in case everything goes to worse but I know it's not a good plan. 

I should be there in one of the trivia nights this month and learn new facts and not-so-factual stuffs. What a great diversion for emptied mind. See you there, folks!  

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