Monday, April 18, 2011

Found the X Factors

My decision of going back home in the middle of my immersion to foreign culture was one of the most difficult decisions I made. Difficult it might have been, I easily gave up a huge portion of my investment including my passion and my ambition of getting an international master's degree in education.

The thought of pursuing my teaching career here in the Philippines and being close with my loved ones erased all the second thoughts. However, things did not happen the way I planned. Instead of finding myself in the learning hub, I grabbed the enticing offer of the growing call center industry in the country where I eventually worked in a field I never imagined. The pay was good and the benefits were promising but I never found myself there so I decided to leave and planned to settle for less pay yet gratifying job. I eyed for public service but the public didn't seem to like my service so I decided not to pursue. No matter how ridiculous my thought was, I couldn't put myself into the level of following a questionable system like I never had my own shot of education.

Leaving the vaccine of frustration, I went for an offshore publishing industry where I am currently being trained as Publishing Consultant. The nature of the job is so promising and the management seems to be very supportive not only to my growth in the company but to my personal and professional growth as well. I never thought of the possibility of  learning the nature of the publishing industry together with the principles of mathematics but it's happening before my very eyes right now. Such reason alone motivates me to put things into the next level. 

If there is one thing that I need to learn from this, that is building confidence from the trust that people give you. Do not abuse the considerations that people are giving. Instead, leverage your performance from such trust. I am only starting and it should be a good start! 

NOTE: Special mention to my trainer (who must not be named) for the support and understanding when I mentioned that I would be enrolling for MS Math and to my professors who consider sending problem sets with me every time I would miss my classes because I need to go to work.         

Friday, April 8, 2011

Soliloquy in the Sand

As my feet slowly touched those fine grains scourging with the giant waves, my mind started to wander like the ocean breeze. The sun kissed my soul with a note in its glare – whispering a word I never heard before. Persistent I was, the journey went on – in search for reasons lying on the horizon. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

BPInoy Opens Nomination for Biggest Yet Search for Outstanding Pinoys Abroad

Do you know an exceptional overseas Pinoy? The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) now opens the nomination for outstanding overseas Filipinos (OFs) for the 6th BPInoy Awards, an annual recognition for Pinoy achievers in the global platform and the biggest one yet to happen in its history as BPI celebrates its 160th year this 2011.

This year’s awardees will be joining the roster of past BPInoy Awardees such as White House executive chef Ms. Cristeta Pasia-Comerford, BBC news presenter Rico Hizon, internationally-acclaimed fashion designers Monique Lhuillier and Josie Natori, and world acclaimed Lea Salonga and International signing sensation Charice Pempengco.

“We commend the Filipinos who take risks in a far away country wearing his distinct nationalism as his pride and honor. In turn, they become global achievers and continue to bring pride to the country with their achievements. Through the BPInoy Awards, we recognize these Filipinos, our country’s pride and modern heroes that today’s youth can also look up to,” says Teresita Tan, BPI EVP and Group Head of Overseas Banking and Channel Services Group.

Individuals of Filipino heritage, regardless of current citizenship, and of good moral character, may be nominated for their outstanding achievements as long as they have lived and or worked overseas. All nominees will be evaluated by the BPInoy Awards Steering Committee based on criteria that include top-of-mind awareness and societal impact of achievements, among others.  Two awardees will be chosen for the Arts and Media or Sports Category and Business or Science and Technology Category.
Nominations may be made by any Filipino individual or organization based locally or internationally, by sending a short article about the nominee, specifically on his/her accomplishments that have brought honor and pride to the country which answers the questions:
·         Why does the nominee deserve recognition as a BPInoy Awardee?
·         How have the nominee’s efforts made a difference for the betterment of the Overseas Filipino community abroad?
·         Is there anything else that makes the nominee exceptional or unique?

Entries must be submitted on or before May15, 2011 to addressed to Ms. Athena G. Balleza, Marketing Department, Overseas Segment Division, BPI.

For more information about the BPInoy Awards, log on to

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Heat is On

Just when everyone thought that summer would be sprinkled with intolerable amount of rain and that going outdoors would not be ideal, I and my fellows went on and seized summer 2011. Summer experience could never be more satisfying than basking under the heat of the smiling sun and getting refreshed with the cool warmth of the water.

The Cebu mainland as seen from the ferry going to Lapu-lapu City
(Mactan Island). Boat trip is a very good alternative for those who don't want
to deal with heavy traffic jam. Beaches and resorts around the Mactan Island offer
good escape from the bustling life in Cebu.

A watchtower welcomes every visitor to Lapu-lapu City. 
 The following pictures were all taken at Agus Hotel and Resort in Agus, Mactan, Cebu -- just few minutes drive from Lapu-lapu City's port. For a minimal cost, everyone can enjoy summer while in Cebu. Renowned hotels and resorts in the island like Imperial and Shangri-La are still recommended and on top of the list, of course.