Monday, April 18, 2011

Found the X Factors

My decision of going back home in the middle of my immersion to foreign culture was one of the most difficult decisions I made. Difficult it might have been, I easily gave up a huge portion of my investment including my passion and my ambition of getting an international master's degree in education.

The thought of pursuing my teaching career here in the Philippines and being close with my loved ones erased all the second thoughts. However, things did not happen the way I planned. Instead of finding myself in the learning hub, I grabbed the enticing offer of the growing call center industry in the country where I eventually worked in a field I never imagined. The pay was good and the benefits were promising but I never found myself there so I decided to leave and planned to settle for less pay yet gratifying job. I eyed for public service but the public didn't seem to like my service so I decided not to pursue. No matter how ridiculous my thought was, I couldn't put myself into the level of following a questionable system like I never had my own shot of education.

Leaving the vaccine of frustration, I went for an offshore publishing industry where I am currently being trained as Publishing Consultant. The nature of the job is so promising and the management seems to be very supportive not only to my growth in the company but to my personal and professional growth as well. I never thought of the possibility of  learning the nature of the publishing industry together with the principles of mathematics but it's happening before my very eyes right now. Such reason alone motivates me to put things into the next level. 

If there is one thing that I need to learn from this, that is building confidence from the trust that people give you. Do not abuse the considerations that people are giving. Instead, leverage your performance from such trust. I am only starting and it should be a good start! 

NOTE: Special mention to my trainer (who must not be named) for the support and understanding when I mentioned that I would be enrolling for MS Math and to my professors who consider sending problem sets with me every time I would miss my classes because I need to go to work.         

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Reymos said...

Embarking for a new life back in our home country is a risk and a challenge to every OFW. Your decision to go home is a personal choice and Im sure you are happy now with your present job. Im also going back to Pinas after spending 5 years abroad and hoping that I will be able to serve our countrymen with my new acquired skills and knowledge.