Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Heat is On

Just when everyone thought that summer would be sprinkled with intolerable amount of rain and that going outdoors would not be ideal, I and my fellows went on and seized summer 2011. Summer experience could never be more satisfying than basking under the heat of the smiling sun and getting refreshed with the cool warmth of the water.

The Cebu mainland as seen from the ferry going to Lapu-lapu City
(Mactan Island). Boat trip is a very good alternative for those who don't want
to deal with heavy traffic jam. Beaches and resorts around the Mactan Island offer
good escape from the bustling life in Cebu.

A watchtower welcomes every visitor to Lapu-lapu City. 
 The following pictures were all taken at Agus Hotel and Resort in Agus, Mactan, Cebu -- just few minutes drive from Lapu-lapu City's port. For a minimal cost, everyone can enjoy summer while in Cebu. Renowned hotels and resorts in the island like Imperial and Shangri-La are still recommended and on top of the list, of course. 

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