Sunday, July 31, 2011

The BlabberMath: Coming Out Soon

Creating a mathematics blog has always been a plan of mine. However, the thought of not being able to regularly update it  was a limitation I set that's why there were always delays in the fulfillment of the plan.  It's because unlike a personal blog, you need to thoroughly review everything you have written before you publish it. Accuracy of the mathematical facts to be posted would be an utmost consideration or else one would  only provide misleading information about an already established science.  No one would also like to read twisted or questionable facts. Mathematics as a science is governed with well-proven laws and theories which took mathematicians years or decades of overcoming contradictions.

Now thoughts have been finally put together for the launching of a blog which will hopefully ignite the interest to the subject which has always been considered by students as monster or a burden loaded in their shoulders. Initial posts taken from the previous mathematics articles I wrote have been placed in the line-up of posts and the blog has already its blogspot hosted domain. Few more articles recently wrote for my Research in Mathematics class in the graduate school are just to be added.

There's no definite time for launching yet but I'll surely inform everyone when I am launching the blog. It would not make your nose bleed. I promise! 

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