Friday, November 4, 2011

Keep your spirit high!

It is a reality in our existence that everything is not within our control. All that we could positively deal with is our attitude – how we would look at each submerging situation in a much lighter manner – it’s our own line of attack. Changing one’s way of thinking towards things is, indeed, a very good approach to coping with stress which is so common in an environment where everyone is required to be always on the go.

If truth be told, last month was very stressful for me – stressful in a way that I almost stopped thinking about how to deal with every piece of my priority. I was too behind my quota at work and I could barely figure out a way to strike it right at its eye. I also had some research papers presented for my graduate class and I could say that such was a product of my mediocrity. Not to mention, I also hardly complied some of the requirements in one of my subjects in the graduate school. I could have done better but there’s no way to look back because no matter what, everything has been done and change is awkward when doing it backward. Nevertheless, I learned from it and all I could do now is to learn from such experience and move forward with a better perspective.

I believe everything is doable with a positive spirit. I just need to learn to set priorities and as Stephen Covey suggested in his best-selling book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” you need to put FIRST THINGS FIRST. It all needs to start with the questions “What are my priorities?” and “How can I logically put them together?” With these questions, obviously, there is no time to waste for every moment counts for every preference. I might find it difficult to pack my sleepy head off to work on a graveyard shift. I might find it difficult to keep myself awake while working with my clients in the other side of the world on an eight-hour shift when everyone else in the neighborhood is enjoying the comfort of their bed. I might find it difficult to work with my course works after spending the whole night at work. Everything might be so difficult but no one ever forced me do what I am doing. It was my choice and it’s all up to me how I am going to work on them. Failure is not an alternative so I’ll work this out with passion. As a line in the Holstee Manifesto goes, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t like your job, quit… start doing things you love.”

If every moment in life is a battle to win, then I need to be the victor. After all, this is my own life. From now on, I will keep my spirit high!

"Every day might not be good, but there's something good in every day."  - Anonymous

To my followers and fellow bloggers:
I am back to blogging and, yes, I could rant again. What a relief! Happy reading folks! If you’re still dropping by, please let me know by leaving some words in the comment box. At least, I would know that I am not talking all by myself here. (laughs)            


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OhSisterRose said...

keep doing what you do, phil. you're really inspiring both on the organizational and spiritual levels of life...

don't let your work eclipse your passions ever. :)