Sunday, November 18, 2012

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit at SM City Cebu on November 24, 2012

As blogger and social media fanatic, I have heard of the term digital influencer a couple of times through blogs , tweets and status messages on Facebook. Honestly, I never had the interest to study more about becoming a digital influencer because I always had the aim of maintaining a low-profile blog that could support my irrelevant rantings and my simple passion for teaching. I thought, the word influencer itself is challenging although, being a teacher, I am always considered as one no matter how I disagree with becoming an influencer.

Finally, I  am accepting the challenge and I will be joining the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit at SM City Cebu on November 24, 2012. At first, I was hesitant because I was thinking that the event is only intended for entrepreneurs, marketers and advertisers. Well, obviously, I am not one of those mentioned but I surely want to become a digital influencer like the speakers who will be sharing their experiences during the summit. I have already met some of the speakers before and I am sure that they have a couple of helpful things to share.

Janette Toral is going to be one of the speakers and she will talk on Blogging and Social Media Influence in the 2013 Elections. I have attended one of the online seminars of Janette before and met her in person during the awarding night of the Pinoy Expats/OFWs Blog Awards 2012 where, as one of the Top 10 Bloggers, I received her book "Blogging from Home." Another speaker who is also familiar is Fleire Castro who will elaborate the topic Bloggers as Influencers and Brand Advocates. Fleire is a Facebook friend I haven't met ever since. This summit is going to be a meet up for both of us, I assume.Joining Fleire is Kevin Ray Chua who, as founder of Cebu Bloggers Society, is also familiar. I met Kevin once during the candle lighting ceremony for the passage of RH Bill held in UP Cebu earlier this year. Aside from Janette, Fleire and Kevin, other digital influencers and brand advocates will be sharing best practices during the summit.  

For further information about the event, please click HERE.


dms27 said...

I was there!! :) It was a pleasure listening to your story.. I admire your advocacy on reaching out to children through Education!! KUDOS!! Keep those spirits high! :)

Phil said...

Thanks for you warm comments and for the mention on your blog. I am looking forward to seeing you again in the next summit.