Phil (who writes by the handle, Jose Philosopo) is the blogger behind Wits and Spirits. He was born in the tension-stricken spot of Eastern Philippines where he used to mingle with the Philippine Army and their restless counterparts. His family then moved to the island-province of Bohol in Central Philippines when he was only two years old. A product of the Philippines' public school system, he first had his formal education in a primary school in a small village in the interior town of the province. Frustrated to enroll for Communication or Political Science in college, he ended up enrolling himself for Computer Engineering in a state college which then ended up in graduating for a degree in Secondary Education major in Mathematics. He spent his years in college as a recipient of a government scholarship while working part-time as Store Marketing Assistant for almost two years in a fast food chain in the Philippines. 

Currently, Phil is working as Mathematics Teacher in an international school in Cebu City, Philippines. He also coordinates events ranging from simple life milestones to weddings and corporate events under the tutelage of Synergy Plus Concepts and Events. Prior to reuniting with the academe, he worked in the corporate set-up as Customer Service Associate, Publishing Consultant and Financial Associate in the offshore operations of USA-based companies in a span of two years.  Before settling for such careers, he taught English and Mathematics abroad for four years. 

With all those pressures he intentionally put into his work and profession, Phil is still a nonsense individual who does a couple of nonsense things during nonsense moments. He is a self-confessed blabbermouth who loves long nature and urban walks, mountain climbing, backpacking and all other forms of adventure. He also writes different articles in which the themes and topics range from personal experiences and reflections to professional insights. Recently, he embarked on a challenge of backpacking the Philippine islands on a shoestring budget. 

This blog is a chronicle of the blogger's travels, interests and anything in between. In addition, this blog is also a brawny outlet that soaks up the blogger's expressions and opinions towards education, government and politics, relationship, love, life and other subjects that grabs hold of the blogger's fleeting attention and interest.

Because of you dear readers who continue to inspire the blogger to write something informative, inspiring and mind-opening coupled with the blogger's unremitting passion for writing and his other works which he facilely share in this blog, Wits and Spirits got the 3rd place in Top 10 Blogs for the Pinoy Expats/OFWs Blog Awards (PEBA) 2009. It was also adjudged as the Best Blog for Asia and the Pacific. Wits and Spirits was also a finalist in the Personal Blog category  during the Philippine Blog Awards 2010 - Visayas. Heartfelt thanks to all of you who continue to follow this blog!    

Wits and Spirits was coined after a spur-of-the-moment island escapade with friends in one of the islands in Eastern Thailand. As that experience was an aftermath of the blogger's nostalgic Christmas eve in his pad in Bangkok, thoughts came running through his mind after that. Sitting in a garden near his pad, he wrote all of those thoughts in his blog (no fix name that time) which was an almost-forgotten scrap. Inspired by his opinionated and versatile character, Wits and Spirits was brought into cyber-reality adding the thousands of blogs in the cyberspace which speak of distinctiveness of each and every blogger around the world.

The blogger believes that a person's wit and emotion (referred to as spirit) are the two aspects of every individual's life which vitally interplay to make living worthwhile. Everyone has to take care of their hearts as much as they guard their minds. With that, Wits and Spirits came into play as the blogger's personal revelation of the perplexities of life as he traverses through the toughest yet the most enjoyable journey in this world.
This blog speaks of nothing but the blogger's unique wits and emotive spirits.

The employer of the blogger is not responsible for any article posted in this blog. The articles posted here do not necessarily reflect the companies or institutions the blogger is affiliated to. This blog is composed of mere thoughts of the blogger except those articles posted with corresponding citation/s. For inquiries about the contents of this blog, feel free to e-mail the blogger at jcsaraspe[at]gmail.com.

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